Interesting innovation for video advertising

by Ka Edong on January 27, 2009

TechCrunch has a story about Innovid. About interactive video advertisements.

Interesting. I remember the website of Intel back in circa 2006 which featured

a.) A posse of men in black ties and shades (like the agents in the Matrix)
b.) A group of German Shepherds

which act like they’re defending the computer/server. When you move your mouse around the screen, the men (or the german shepherds) “watch” where your cursor is. They look up, down, left or right wherever you move your cursor.

Then when you mouseover the main guard, he grabs your pointer then steps crushes it … like a body guard would crush an intruder 🙂 .

I had fun playing with those interactive animations on the Intel website.

ka edong
remembering intel


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