Audio Blog: Swazi Love Song

by Ka Edong on October 19, 2005

I had spent the whole day communing with the wildlife in the Milwane game reserve, Swaziland.

Now dusk has set in and the lightning and thunder in the horizon threaten to rain down this walk back to Sondzela backpackers.

Then it starts to rain. I muster a slight jog with my tired legs and aching knee. And seek shelter at a horse stable.

I am met with smiles from four Swazi young men. We take this cool afternoon shower in liesure and exchange stories. And when three or more men are together, what else is there to talk about? Women!

Hahaha! We spoke of the Philippines and Swaziland, the difference in courtship and marriage. We exchanged experiences, stories and jokes.

Singing Sengiyahamba for a SmartPhone recording (l-r): Njabulo, Elvis (!), Jablan. Not in picture: Tullan and EdwinAnd then one of them, Jablan, started singing a tune – just to himself. I whipped out Brosia, my SmartPhone, and recorded Jablan’s song without his knowledge.

When I played it back, all his white teeth showed behind his smile! They decided to do a song that I could record and share.

Sengiyahamba (translation)
She fell in love with me
Our love lasted for two days
The man say goodbye now
“I’m going, my sweetheart, goodbye.”

Chorus (in Swazi):
“Sengiyahamba Sala Kahle S’thandwa Sam”
(I’m going, goodbye my sweetheart.)

Download the song: Sengiyahamba (wav file, 318Kb, length=3mins+ )



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