Basic Blogging for Student Journalists

by Ka Edong on August 25, 2010

I was invited by Smart and Philippine Information Authority Region 6 (PIA-6) to give a talk to High School student journalists.

This presentation was given in the pre-text of the hostage drama in Manila and the recent achievement of Ms. Philippines Venus Raj at the Ms. Universe pageant.

I presented blogging. Gave them some examples of high school blogs, good practices from Ateneo and Philippine Online Chronicles, and my own example of citizen journalism.

More importantly, I asked them to ask questions that matter to them. Here’s my answer to the run-away winning question. As in Major major! 😉

How can blogging change the image of Filipinos after the hostage drama in Manila? – Ulysses D. Du Jr, 15, M, Sum-ag National High School

Awesome Question!

Lets’ start with ourselves.

Instead of ranting, how can we have a positive, constructive, contributing perspective on the situation? Write about it, make it matter, express what is in your heart and mind, be sincere. If you are able to write a message that is picked up by the global press, then you’ve made an impact. And even if your blog (or facebook note or tumblr story or tweet) is able to positively *influence* 1 or 2 people, then you have made a positive contribution to the Philippines.

Write, blog, express yourself. Be a positive contributor to our country and our world. I thank you! (bow)

Here’s my presentation:

ka edong


  • divine grace

    Very enlightening and inspiring! 🙂
    Thank you, Ka Edong!

  • @divine grace, thank you!

  • Venus Raj really looks very pretty on the pictures, she is very photogenic ~~:

  • nice blog ka edong! and dis post is very enlightening. thanks for sharing. more power to ur blog. go Pinoy! =)

  • blogging should be an interesting outlet for high school students… maybe even grade school students. Can you site what you know of the pros and cons of blogging?

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