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by Ka Edong on August 27, 2008

I’ve been trying to figure out how to catch up with my blogging backlog.

What’s the problem?

Basically, I have quite a number of blog stories I had always planned to write. I have photos capturing some technology moments, but haven’t written about them. In fact I have a folder on my photo gallery where I upload some technology photos.

Apart from photos, I also have lots of flyers that I hang on to planning to write about them at a later time.

But they remain flyers lying around at my desk or in my bag.

So, how do I improve my blogging output?

Let me count the ways.

1.) blog short and sweet – 1 paragraph IS an article.

2.) Blog via mobile – this means (a) configuring Liway, my Sony Ericsson P150i mobile phone, to send emails and (b) configuring blogging via email on my wordpress.

3.) Blog the valuables – these are articles that add value to the blog. Articles that are useful to others

4.) Blog the blab – there are articles that I write just to get it off my chest. Just for self-expression. I’ll be good to myself and allow myself to write “useless” articles and just express myself.

5.) Trash the trash – if I have articles that I haven’t written after more than two months in the bin list, DECIDE to automatically remove it from my bin list. This is liberating because it removes the expectation to still write those (stale) articles. Besides, there’s so much *new* material coming up, there’s no need to hang on to old stories unwritten.

6.) Schedule regular blogging time – allot an hour to upload articles. This is a luxury for me now. My regular schedule currently does not have a regular 1 hour for blogging. I usually choose to spend this time with my honey. But I’ll be good to myself and find the time to blog … for my own self expression (and not necessarily to make those google ad clicks).

7.) Schedule a blog clearing time – where I get over with lots of my blogging backlog – it’s like a completion activity where I get things done in one fell sleep … este … one fell sweep.

8.) Blog it immediately – while the memory and experience is fresh. It takes 15 minutes to blog immediately what would take 30 minutes to blog later because it will require more recollection, and more “digging” to recall the experience.

9.) Blog completely – don’t leave half-written articles. If I need to cut it short to finish it, then cut it short instead of leaving in un-finished. It’s a matter of being “done”.

10.) Blog and just blog – just do it.

With these are some of the guidelines, hope to increase my blogging output. For my self expression, sanity and some passive income just as a bonus.

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