Blog To Do’s and Some WordPress Questions

by Ka Edong on June 9, 2008

Things to do for my blog after the great wordpress theme migration.

To Do: Update Morning Mountain Theme . Used the Big Blue Theme instead

a.) Install Ads

  • googleads – inline box, header link units, inline link units, comments link units, skyscraper
  • blogbank
  • chitika
  • links on categories
  • skyscraper on main page
  • – installed. waiting for some approvals
  • RSM affiliate – waiting for approval; got one approval. will continue monitoring it.
  • widget bucket – not working now, I don’t know why …

b.) Awards / Mentions

  • add publications to “about me” page
  • add blogawards and other mentions to “about me” page

c.) Plugins

  • recent comments
  • commentLuv
  • comment subscription
  • all-in-one SEO package
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • most popular posts
  • most commented
  • Reply to this comment

d.) Google Search

e.) Others

WordPress Questions:
1.) Q: How do you activate writing posts in HTML?
A: in your wp dashboard, click users beside the plugins link. Click on your name, then check the “use visual editor when writing.”
Thanks Noee!

2.) Q: My main page is so long with entire articles being published on the main page. How do I just display the summaries on front page without having to add the “more” tag on each and every article.
A: It shouldn’t be a problem. Just add the “more” tag to the articles that are currently on the mainpage. There’s just a few of them. All other articles I will write from hereon will have the more tag.

3.) SEO Question:
On the blog’s main page, given a choice between

  • multiple inline link units and
  • a Skyscraper + a box Linkunit at upper right corner

Which should I implement?

Possible answer from Google heatmap.

A: Keep the skyscraper on the main page. Leave the inlines for category summaries and archives.

last updated: June 27

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