Blogbank brings new blood to Philippine online advertising

by Ka Edong on February 11, 2008

I signed up for Blogbank ( after seeing advertisements on

I thought at first that it was a blood donation program for bloggers. 😀 . But the catchy name has an enviable concept behind it.

The BlogBank is a cooperative effort to provide simple, cost–effective internet advertising through the most influential aspect of the web: the blogs!

Our current community generates more than three million page views/ad impressions every month, and we’re still growing!

While our ads appear online, our relationships with advertisers and publishers are strictly face to face.

Our current business model is focused on the Philippine market, for the Filipino.

I emailed and found Jayvee replying to my inquiry on how to sign-up.

Although there are still questions in my mind (how much do publishers get paid?), knowing that Jayvee is behind Blogbank encourages me to try it out. It’s a no-frills website, succinct and straight to the point.

Just wish they had different ad sizes (I’m sure they have this planned).

I’m publisher #30 while the service is in beta. Looking forward to seeing Blogbank take-off and invade the Philippine Blogosphere … and fill-up my three adspaces 🙂
ka blog!


  • just signed up with them and added the codes on my blog. 🙂

  • There’s a launching tomorrow.
    Did you receive the email?

    ka edong

  • thanks for coming!! 🙂

    we’re going to roll out more features like checking your current income level at the site.


  • hello ka edong! nice to meet you po 😀 hehehehe

  • @jayvee,
    Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to more big things with the blogbank!

    More power, more blog donations!

    Likewise, Jehzeel. Keep up the traffic! Congrats for being on top of the blogbank donors!

    ka edong

    ka edong

  • i have signed and tried to put the code in my blog but it did not work, im wondering why..

  • I joined the other week and placed the codes today. 🙂

  • Great! Welcome to the blogbank! 🙂

  • Hi Glen,
    Forwarding your concern to the blogbank doctors 😉

    ka edong

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