Blogger Meetup at Portico

by Ka Edong on August 15, 2008

Looking forward to seeing good ole online friends and meeting new ones.

Abe Olandres
Edwin Soriano
Noemi Dado
Carlo Ople
Ivan Henares
Annalyn Jusay
Sonnie Santos
Aldrin Cantos
Mon Macutay
Karla Redor
Kiven Codamon
Anton Sheker

At alam niyo ba kung ano ang nangyari?

Updated Aug 16 (the day after the meetup) …

This is funny! I woke up this morning from a dream. And in my dream, I was taking photos of me with Paris Hilton and … what’s her face … Nicole Richie! It was sooo funny and un-characteristic of me, it was the first thing I told my brother a few seconds after i awoke. Ah, what our subconscious knows that we don’t! (honest to goodness, this is *not* a link bait!)

I realized later on that that was a … “hangover” from being, shall we say, “starstruck” from last night’s blogger meetup.

It was great meeting up and dining with some of the movers and shakers of the blogging world. Thanks, Abe for the invite! And thanks Outcomm for hosting!

Ka Edong and Kiven

Ka Edong and Kiven

A couple of things I learned last night (i better be careful not to completely disclose what we did last night, wink wink):

  • Carlo, Mon, Kiven (“the gamer guys”) are hilarious! Very passionate about blogging, dead serious and very well informed too about advertising and gaming. That was a fun bunch!
  • (not “madcow”), , and are some of the blog monetizing opportunities I shall look into.
  • There are some legal/fiscal indicators that can tell a blogger that “he/she has arrived”. 🙂
  • Having your face up on a billboard or a huge LED display along EDSA is another magnificent way to gauge that you have arrived
  • There are huge success stories in blogging – like finding an excellent career opportunity through blogging.
  • That it’s possible for a camera to “die”
  • That “yugatech” finds its origins from “you got tech!” So that’s where it came from! Clever!

And lots more, but am afraid I have sworn my pinky finger not to tell!

  • Noemi, all the best with the blog awards
  • Abe, thanks for the shirt! and the invite, of course!
  • Karla, keep on rockin! Galingan mo talk mo!
  • Mon, you’ve got some critical and straightforward inputs there. We like that!
  • Carlo, nabili mo na ba yung mga domains from last night? mwahahahaha (evil laughter)!
  • Kiven, idol! I’ll look up the sites i jotted down.
  • Anton, didn’t have the chance to chat much. Next time.
  • AJay, finally, we meet! Thanks for featuring Technobiography on Blog-o-Rama a few year ago (has it been that loong!?) !
  • Sonnie, yours is a success story I will share with my friends.
  • Ivan, sayang I was looking forward to meeting you! I see you went to Chicago, Sanfo and a couple other places I would have loved to talk with you about. One time, I’ll joing you for something like the Legaspi park brunch.

Twas a pleasure meeting you guys! And to the organizers, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to disclose about you guys so I won’t. All the best sa … (secret natin) … and it was great meeting you guys!

To those who didn’t make it, just imagine what could have happened there that caused my Paris hilton dream! hahahaha!

ka edong


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