Blogger’s meet-up

by Ka Edong on June 26, 2006

I met up with some bloggers the other day.

Jayvee has some photos of our blogger meet-up. Markku has photos too. So, Gail didn’t make it?

I agree with Jayvee, Markku does excellent work with his dSLR, nice portraits!

I got a compliment from Abe — he asked me what camera I used for my photos of the hot air balloon show, whether it was an SLR too.
He was surprised to hear I use an ordinary point-and-shoot camera.
Abe, it’s a Kodak ordinary digital camera (I don’t even remember the model number!). I make do with what I have. 😉

Twas nice talking to you guys! Anton, make the move! Kitakits.

ka edong


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