Blogging Tips for Start-up Bloggers: We want more!

by Ka Edong on October 14, 2008

I’ve been receiving many questions from friends about blogging. Many of my friends recently began their journey in the joys of blogging. This after conducting the seminar “The Abundant World of Blogging!”

Having gone ahead of them, I offer a helping hand with what I know.

Here’s an exchange I had with my friend Marvin who asked for tips in improving his two blogs. Here are excerpts from our email exchange.

Dear Kuya Edong …

Marvin wrote:

would you mind giving my sites a quick browse and then tell me how I can improve on them?
Here they are: – A Father’s Journey – Gospel Reflections of a Lay Catholic
Ka edong replied:
Hi Marvin!
You’re one very prolific writer, Marvin!
I visited your site last week and now I see more than 8 additional articles!
a.) You’re making good use of photos. keep it up!Also good use of block-quotes, bold font, numbered lists — this helps your readers digest your article more easily. It also has an added bonus of improving searchability of your articles (e.g. Google gives premium to keywords in headers).
b.) use the “more” tag . – this puts an excerpt of the article on the main page, then provides a link to go to the rest of the article.
This helps your visitors get an overview of your current articles first before choosing which article to dive into.
c.) What’s with the showbiz stories? 🙂 na-diskaril lang siguro ako, not somethign I’d expect in a blog by Marvin. But hey, it’s all freespace, this is the time for you to experiment and design your “brand’.
Here’s an article i wrote last week, might give you insight on early preparation of your brand.
d.) I like your writing style of making lists. Makes things easy to write, ‘di ba?
The layout you chose is nice also. Elegant and simple, but very functional.
e.) Your google ads — think about changing the color. Generally, it’s good practice to make ads look like they’re not advertisements. We make it blend into the rest of the page, using similar colors as the other elements in the page.
Read up on optimizing google ads, the “heat map“, and other related articles.
You’re growing so fast in blogging, I’m looking forward to seeing you among the top bloggers! 🙂
Last I heard from Marvin, he was undergoing rehab for an addiction to the “more” tag! Marvin wrote:
I have just been addicted to the “more” tag and you can see that at now.
The only thing I hate is I can’t control the urge to put “more” tags in all of my posts. Gosh, I’ve made a lot of them already.
Funny talaga si Marvin!
Keep on Blogging, kaibigan!
ka edong
Ang inyong ….. tio eeeeeeedddoooooongggg….


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