Buhay Coke ng Bloggers with SM Hypermarket

by Ka Edong on June 28, 2008

I was at the Coke party last night. Glad to have my partner (a coke addict! :D) with me to see this blogger’s circle.

But it was an anonymous circle, at least to me who hasn’t been joining many of the recent blogger meetups. I’m guessing there were more than 100 bloggers and guests in attendance. Glad to see a few familiar faces and finally meet face-to-face a few online friends.

And guess what! We got to take home a case of Coke Zero! Wahoo!!!! ….

  • Sarah was there to give us an update of what happened at the party (G and I were late). Sarah is, the sister of my good ole highschool friend, Iron chef JB, whose family hosts the awesome Dine and Jam! Sarah introduced me to Plurk … interesting. 🙂
  • Jayvee was there. I think he didn’t recognize me, I’ve grown a full head of hair since the Blogbank launch.
  • Jehzlau was there, telling me the good news of his continued blogbanking success
  • Enrico Dee of Biyahilo was busy snapping pictures. And right now, he’s on another junket to a far-away place, traveling like we’re meant to! keep on biyahe-ing, idol!
  • And other bloggers I’ve met one way or another, on-line or face-to-face: Aileen Apolo, Noemi, Marc, Sharm, Macelle who was doing his magic tricks when we arrived.

It really would have helped if we all had nametags at events like these.

People I was expecting to see but didn’t: Karla, Jhay. Next time. There another meetup daw next week!

I hear there’s a Coke Video contest by SM Hypermart. Make a 3 minute video describing your “buhay coke”. hmmmm… bagay ito sa aking pet G, a coke addict! 😀 . Mechanics of the contest at the SM Hypermart blog.

Cheers to the organizers! Thanks for the case of Coke Zero! Until next time, see you guys!

[update july 1]

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