Coron Photos

by Ka Edong on June 15, 2006

I uploaded some photos from my trip to Coron, Palawan last May.

I wonder how Abe did his photo album such that the mere uploading of maaaaaany photos brought him considerable Google Adsense revenue.

Maybe something to do with his pagerank.

I preserved Markku’s Google adsense that display’s below the photo. (Markku is the maker of iPAP a photo album app).
I added a Google adsense text ads above the photo. Not much revenue coming in.

Maybe I need to be more descriptive with my captions and write-up so that I catche more Google keywords.

No pain, no gain …

ka edong


  • I’m actually planning an SEO-optimized version of iPAP. Joke. 😉 I just want to get a new version released soon.

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