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by Ka Edong on February 26, 2009

I tried out MoFuse today, testing if it renders a good mobile blog.

MoFuse is a mobile site creation application for content publishers like bloggers. To create a mobile-friendly version of your blog please access us from a desktop computer.



It’s easy creating the MoFuse account. Just jump over to and create an account in a couple of seconds.

When you have an account, you’ll be able to Launch a Mobile Site where you submit the title of your mobile site, the url (in the format, the RSS Title and the RSS feed URL.

I downloaded the WordPress plugin and activated it on my wordpress dashboard. I’m not sure though whether the mobile site requires the plugin to be activated.

One of the features is rendering your blog for the iPhone. on the iPhone - rendered by mofuse

Nevertheless, I’ve rendered blog for mobile.
Visit my mobile site using your mobile phone:

On, Liway (my Sony Ericsson P990i) using Opera Mini, the mobile site shows an advertisement on the top-most part of the mobile browse, then displays links to individual blog articles.

There’s a revenue share using Mofuse. In essence, they run the Google Ads and they give the blogger a share of the site.

Try out Mofuse if you want to have a mobile site.

ka edong
mo money

I used another wordpress plugin for Technobiography on mobile phone. That’s my next article.


  • If you have access to your DNS settings, you can also specify a subdomain so that all the articles and links point to your subdomain.

    verns last blog post..OMG! Mass Effect 2 Trailer!

  • kei

    Hi Ka Edong,

    I like the way you executed your website or should i say ” blog’? i’m interested to create my own blog or page. Can you help me? I also read your profile and it’s impressive though your photo was only a ” sneak” you are still clever!! 🙂

    Have a good day


  • @ vern, thanks for info.

    @ kei, thanks. You can start blogging at . Goodluck!

  • Genius

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