Does blog SPAM improve my search engine ranking?

by Ka Edong on July 19, 2007

I get a looooooottttt of spam in the comments area of my blogs. I’ve come to accept it as a fact of life, like inflation and taxes and death. The Akismet plug-in has screened a huge percentage of the spam, but a handful get through every day.

But I was thinking, doesn’t blog spam improve my search engine ranking? I’m no SEO guy, so this is my simple thought.

Here’s the thought:

1.) Comments on blogs, whether spam or legit, “modify” a page such that the next time a search engine crawls my page, it sees “new content” on the same page. This page will perform better compared to a rusty dusty static blog entry that hasn’t changed for the past two years.

Is my thinking right?

2.) Thus, here’s what I do with spam lately: I let it be (especially for spam on my “other” blogs). I don’t want to delete each and every spam message that comes my way right there and then. So I batch it. I ignore it for a few days/weeks. Hopefully within this time my blogs get crawled and the search engines catch my “new content”.

Later, when I have the time, I go into wordpress admin and bulk-delete the spam.

Make sense? Am I on the right track?

ka edong


  • being targeted by spam is an indication that your site is being crawled by search robots…. or you may have a lot of contents… Akismet is a great tool…

  • I’m being crawled! Ginagapang ako! hehehe.
    Yup, Akismet sure is a great tool!

    Ganda ng mga photos mo, Melo! I was in Coron too once upon a time …

    ka edong

  • Akismet has been working really well for me on my blog. It is constantly updated so that it can better filter comment spam. It uses to ways to check a comment. First off it recognizes if the comment has created by a bot. Second it checks the content of the comment to make sure the links and content line up with what the post is related to. Since using Akismet thousand of spam comments have been blocked everyday on my blog and I have had very few that got through.

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  • Right, that is a good start but i’ll have to explore that a great deal more. Will let you know just what more i’ve found.

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