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by Ka Edong on August 1, 2012

Note (Aug 1, 2012): Pls excuse the old re-posts. There seems to be a technical glitch in my wordpress database. Some old posts are coming back to my blog front page. Hold on while I figure things out. 

Welcome to Technobiography’s new home!

Technobiography was hosted in blogger for more than a year. I’ve now moved Technobiography to my new domain:

There’s a lot to be done for this lipat bahay. Here’s my list:

In Technobiography

  • Photo upload plugin – yey, got it to work. Thanks abe for Photopress! (But the big photo doesn’t display. error says:

    Warning: pp_album_template(/home/edong/public_html/technobiography/wp-content/plugins/photopress/album.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/edong/public_html/technobiography/wp-content/plugins/photopress.php on line 377

    I like this plugin, i see it in action and it’s real nice. I’ll settle for a temporary manual fix, for the moment.

  • excerpts plugin – done somehow, but with bugs. I replaced “the_content” with “the_excerpt” in the theme’s index file, as per advise of Abe. Some excerpts still don’t show. Deactivated sem-fancy-excerpt plugin. Now it’s working fine.
  • recent comments plugin – done. I used this.
  • configure email posting – I read this, tried testing it using but this is what I get:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_action() in /home/edong/public_html/technobiography/wp-content/plugins/wp-cron-mail.php on line 14

    Any suggestions?

  • review how archives come out – nicely.
  • Related articles – i still don’t know how to do that myphpAdmin task
    — ah, finally got it to work! Thanks, Abe! Nov8
  • Recent entries
  • Archive in (so that we get crawled already) – done. Technobiography archive here
  • Find out how to check stats
  • Plugin for “Viewed ___ times”
  • Insert channeled Google AdSense – inserted one in upper right sidebar; di ko pa makuha ang tamang colors.
  • Improve prominence of “Technobiography” title on header image – already prominent in Neptune theme
  • Replace Neptune Image
  • Replace Neptune favicon
  • Announce lipat bahaydone
  • Calendar plug-in – built in in Neptune theme. But i want sunday, not monday, to be first day of the week. done (wp-admin, options, general, calendar start day)

In main page:

  • point to Technobiography – done
  • Figure out how to use my travel photos – !


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