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by Ka Edong on March 5, 2009

I first heard about HelloTxt from my friend Anton when I read his e-book at Maven Secrets .  I’ve been playing around with HelloTxt these past few days and it’s been quite nifty.

Ka Edong's HelloTxt lifestream

I tried it out, and here’s sharing my experience  so far.

From the HelloTxt website:

HelloTxt lets you update your status and read your friends’ status across all main
microblogging and social networks all at once…

You can update your status on the website, or using email or even from your mobile phone. You can also embed photos and video right into your status updates.

Ka Edong’s HelloTxt Life experience (all three days of it)

  • Easy to register. I got my account running within a minute.
  • Easy to add your social networks. HelloTxt made it easy for me to connect to my social networks and microblogging sites (Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Friendster etc.).
  • There’s a “social services” dashboard which lists all the networks that HelloTxt connects to. It’s as easy as choosing your social network and entering your username and password. (Some require extra steps like activating an app on Facebook).
  • After adding your social network, it’s listed conveniently on the upper right side of your HelloTxt lifestream.

Ka Edong on HelloTxt

  • When you visit your lifestream, Just enter your status on the status box, click “Update status” and all your listed social networks are updated with your new status.
  • You can even post photos or videos to enhance your status.
  • You can update via SMS or email. There’s even a service that let’s you update status through a phone call!
  • HelloTxt mobile version: m.hellotxt.com

These guys are up to something hot!

I haven’t been able to activate my SMS update, though. I’ve tried activating twice, but haven’t received the activation email.

Try out HelloTxt especially if you have multiple social networks or microblogs that you wish to update in one fell sweep. Check out my HelloTxt lifestream.

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  • Hmm.. Ping.fm’s got competition, eh.

    I use Ping.fm to do this, by the way.

    Arnold Gamboas last blog post..A church is not a rotary club (and other things we thought it is but isn’t)

  • Hmm. Ping.fm has got competition, eh! I use Ping.fm to do this, btw.

  • hi arnold,
    yup, ping.fm has competition.
    I’ve used ping.fm too. Haven’t looked around for their other features.

    But with hellotxt’s sms, email and *voice*, they’re one up. …. if only i can get it to work, hehehe …

  • Ah, they have a Philippine based SMS gateway?

  • Apparently not. I haven’t received my SMS confirmations, eh.

    Might be an International SMS the way it’s configured now (not sure).

  • great post, thanks Ka Edong.
    About the SMS we are working to improve that area.

    Have you tried the friend’s status page?

    Fabrizios last blog post..Seesmin, Friendster, Laconica like, API Ecosystem

  • Trying it now … couldn’t get it to work yet …

    ka edongs last blog post..Questions that empower

  • on that page on the right there is a list of services. can you try to check the services you want to enable. and please after 2 minutes try to reload the page. I know it’s tricky but working to improve it.

    thank you

    Fabrizios last blog post..Seesmin, Friendster, Laconica like, API Ecosystem

  • It’s working for Twitter, Fabrizio 😉 . Thanks!

  • yakult

    it works for plurk and twitter, but the sms confirmation didn’t work, sayang. if it gets sms to work, this’ll be huge for the philippines!

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