iBlog5 Postscript – of Mobile Blogging and the Elections

by Ka Edong on May 10, 2009

I gave a talk at iBlog5 yesterday about Mobile Blogging 101. It was nice. Short and sweet. Simple. Spontaneous. I liked the interaction we got with the audience.

Update: See online video here c/o Janette: Mobile Blogging by Edwin 1/2 (2/2)

And, as usual, there were a few inputs that I had planned to give, but was not able to say it right there. I also got some good feedback from the audience and I’d like to clarify their questions and share it to readers. Good thing I can still put out these inputs through my blog ;-).

For my iBlog5 postcript, I’d like to share my beginnings as a mobile blogger, my story about mobile blogging in the 2004 elections, my support for blogging (and mobile blogging) for the 2010 elections as well as a few thank you notes.

My first mobile blog post

My First Mobile Blogpost: Birth of Technobiography

My First Mobile Blogpost: Birth of Technobiography

When I was preparing for my talk at iBlog5, I looked into my blog archives and was pleasantly, um, pleased 😀 to find out that …

My first Technobiography blogpost in April 11, 2004 was actually written using Brosia, my cellphone circa 2003-2007.

I realized that when I started out blogging, I was already using an element of mobile blogging – using my cellphone to capture “urgent” thoughts. Urgent because I couldn’t sleep with this “Technobiography manifesto” running in my mind.

Mobile Blogging: Ganito ako nuon, ganito na tayo ngayon

At iBlog5 yesterday, it was an “old friend” reunion of sorts getting re-acquainted face-to-face with JM Tuazon.

You see, JM and I first met as volunteers of NAMFREL in the 2004 elections. JM and I had maintained an online interaction through the years via email or through each other’s blogs.

Wow, it’s been 5 years since our NAMFREL days in 2004.
And now we’re 365+1 days before the next election in 2010.

Which brings me to two thoughts:

  1. The beginnings of mobile blogging for elections in 2004
  2. and mobile blogging for the elections in 2010.

Ganito ako nuon, ganito tayo ngayon

Ganito ako nuon

I remember how in 2004, I was already mobile blogging even with the limited tools available. I didn’t have a wifi laptop or netbook back then. So I created ways to blog from my cellphone with the tools that I DID have.

At that time, I had a GPRS connection on Brosia, my cellphone. I didn’t want to be blogging directly from my phone to Blogspot’s website. Because it was still expensive back then (we were charged on a per kB basis back then). Not only was it expensive for me, but it was also slow and clanky for my purposes.

The solution I create was a combination of text messaging, an SMS-to-email service and Blogspot’s e-mail-to-blog feature to mobile blogging the elections on Technobiography.

The results of that solution, you will find at these blogposts in May 2004. (They include post-production updates done via desktop). I even had an election photo blog! Early bloomer pala ako 😀

NAMFREL Photo blogging! -- Do you recognize that teenager in the photo?

NAMFREL Photo blogging! -- Do you recognize that teenager in a yellow shirt?

Ganito tayo ngayon

Yesterday, I presented a whole lot more highly developed tools for mobile blogging. (See my presentation , with links).

Towards the end, I made a call to action: “Create Value!”.

I also wanted to tie that in with the other talks that came in the afternoon, specifically Blogging for the elections.

I see the criticality of delivering timely blog posts, whether before, during or after the Elections.

“Timely” will mean different things for different situations and for different story-telling styles.

But when “timely” means “immediate” or “now”, mobile blogging will be a critical tool for bloggers to put out their story, even if (or *because*) the story is in its most plain, most pure, although plausibly incomplete.

I’d like to send this message to fellow-bloggers:

by blogging about the elections, we can contribute to the awareness, the transparency, and the general movement of citizen participation in the elections.

Thus, I enjoin fellow-bloggers to participate in blogging for the elections. You can do it in your own way. And you can also do it as part of a group. Janette has created the Blogging for Elections site. Feel free to approach Janette if you want to contribute.

My action item: As for me, I will continue to provide mobile blogging demos that will help bloggers equip themselves with tools for the time they will need, either for blogging the elections or for blogging what else they are passionate about.


I’d like to thank the organizers of iBlog5. It was a good experience.

I’m glad to hear from those who gave feedback that I had raised their awareness about Mobile Blogging. I take your feedback well and will be creating more demos to show you more clearly the mobile blogging tools available out there.

I learned a lot from the other iBlog5 speakers too. I’ll catch up on videos for the talks I missed.

I’d like to highlight the very well-though-out talk of Anton Diaz on taking Blogging to the next level. Excellent insights!

Salamat po, doktor!

  • Salamat po sa Baleno at sa VC Trading for my shirt (http://www.busyPrinting.com, vctradingcubao@gmail.com 0918-923-4883, 2F Farmers Plaza Cubao)
  • Salamat kay Erick sa super spiffy Technobiography sticker ni Honoria Purificacion.
    Erick’s sticker shop is at 2nd floor of Robinson’s Pioneer (malapit sa electronics area).
    Contact: Erick (0928-3315642) or Maricel (0928-3088061) — tell them “Technobiography.com” referred you.
My Technobiography shirt and My trusted laptop friend Honoria Purificacion, a true Pinay!

My Technobiography shirt and My trusted laptop friend Honoria Purificacion, a true Pinay!

  • Salamat sa iBlog5 organizers for having me as a speaker
Ka Edong at iBlog5

Ka Edong at iBlog5

iBlog5 Link lovin’

Update: … more links c/o Janette

Live stream feed last May 9



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