Online Personal Branding: You are what you share

by Ka Edong on July 3, 2012

I reviewed my article on Personal Branding circa 2008. Things have changes so much since 4 years ago. For one, social media has developed so much. Personal branding now includes a whole slew of social media. From the way you compose your status messages on facebook or twitter, to the kind of posts you share, to the photos that you share.

Are you the nega type who would share gory photos? Are you the activist who’s mad at everything and is always looking for something to change outside him/herself? Are you the pa-cool ranter who would diss our country or other people and think that it’s sooo coool? Are you the type whose wall is peppered with the status of your online games?

Or are you the type who spreads good vibes? The one who shares inspirational stories. The one who shares short and sweet quotations or photos. The one who appreciates life?

Online Personal Branding is a Reflection of the person you really are

Online Personal Branding is a Reflection of the person you really are

Online personal branding is increasingly becoming more important as the world continues to get more and more connected.

Your online personal brand can influence your career. For instance, a friend of mine was recently interviewed by Google for a job opportunity. It’s just too easy these days to get a background check on job applicants by looking them up on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on their blogs. Wouldn’t you want to be putting out a good picture of yourself on the web?

Your online brand actually just speaks of the real person that you are inside. You can express yourself through social networks and through blogs. Through these media, you have influence on how you “look” online. 😉 .

What I’ve done a couple of weeks ago was to make a list of all my areas of expertise or interest. I re-labelled these “edWIN’s Gifts”. I consider these to be my core knowledge and skills that God has given me so that I can share more to the world.

I’m branding myself more toward these core gifts. It’s a work in progress. And part of it is to accept that it’s a continuing process, something that isn’t done overnight.

Use your online personal branding wisely.

ka edong


  • Personal branding is easier to manage with social media because it’s reflective of the user’s interests. A user with scattered interests, however, would come off as inconsistent, branding-wise.

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