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by Ka Edong on November 22, 2006

Way cool, Bo Sanchez is!

Back in June, I was looking for Filipino Daily Reflections that I could read when I start my day at work.

Arnold sent me a weekly podcast of reflections at Grace Place:

We’re recording the weekly Sunday inspirational messages and posting it as a podcast. Most messages are about 40 to 50 minutes — all practical, inspirational messages.

A few days ago, a friend told me about Bo Sanchez’s new daily video reflections. Bo is a Catholic preacher, publisher, entrepreneur, father, servant-leader and is kengkoy as can be.

On Preacher in Blue Jeans , you’ll find daily videos of Bo going around town, travelling, talking to different ordinary or extra-ordinary people and relating these conversations to scripture.

Tip (Update 25 June 2009): What to do when Preacher in Blue Jeans website is down?

It’s all cool, it’s way cool. Considering that YouTube is huge in the Philippines, Bo is on the right track towards reaching an even wider audience for these messages.

Preacher in Blue Jeans started very recently on the November 1. I’m all for it, and I’d like it to succeed, thus I write some suggestions for Bo’s team to improve the spread of these daily reflections:

  1. Improve the video streaming technology. Bottom-line: It’s downloading too slowly on my broadband connection (Smart Bro … hmmm, sounds like Smart Bo!).
  2. Package it for “take-away” reflections for busy people to view/listen/read offline while driving or commuting to/from work. I personally won’t have daily time to download and watch a video at work (it’s taking me more than 30 mins just to download a 15 minute video).
  3. Give your visitors options to get (a) full-resolution video (the current videos you post), (b) low-resolution video, (c) podcasts (audio only), (d) transcripts (text-only), (e) text summaries and also (f) video excerpts for bite-size consumption.

I wish all the best in Bo’s video-cast (a video blog?). Here’s to more network connections in spreading the Word!

ka edong
downloading ninong Rex’s episode re: Money Consciousness

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  • He’s also into blogging. And extra ako duon =)I promised him some suggestions which I’ll send later this week. I’ll also point out your input.

  • Way cool, Jun is! 😀

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  • jadway go

    where can i attend your service?

  • mary anne dalusung

    i need some spiritual advice.. i badly need it..

  • Cool!

  • Les

    I think Bo’d one a Great Job of branding. He communicates so much with the Preacher in Blue Jeans moniker.

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