SEO Question: Are Hardlinks to Google Ads allowed?

by Ka Edong on June 2, 2008

Hello SEO friends. Care to answer an SEO question from an SEO ignoramus?

a.) Are hardlinks to Google Advertisements allowable?

For example, there’s a Google Ad that reads “Text Philippines” and leads to .
Am I allowed to create a hyperlink like this “Text Philippines” using the Google Ad hyperlink?

(There! I did it!)

b.) How about links to Google Link Ads like this: “Vending Machines“?
Is that acceptable?

Whatcha tink?

If i’m shooting myself (my blog) on the foot, hope you’d let me know immediately.

Seen on a t-shirt:

There are no stupid questions …
Just stupid people!

ka edong


  • Google AdSense’s TOS states you cannot modify the AdSense codes. 😉

  • Hi Abe!

    My adsense codes are intact naman.
    What I am doing is making a direct link to a relevant ad.

    My examples on this post — are they not allowed?

  • I think as long as the advertiser is not charged for the click, then there’s nothing really wrong with it.

  • I get what you mean, Abe.

    By your guideline, here are my two ways to do it:

    a.) Search Technobiography for Vending Machines -> Link to Google Search results within Technobiography (which contain ads on results page)

    b.) Related links: Vending Machines -> Link to Google Link units

    With the links above, clicking will *not* be charged to the advertiser.
    A second click on the results page *will* be charged to the advertiser.
    This is fair play in abe’s book. Right Abe?

    ka edong

  • Yup, that’s a legit move.

  • thanks, abe!

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