Technobiography: 6 years old and a magazine centerfold

by Ka Edong on April 11, 2010

Today, my beloved blog, Technobiography, turns six years old! Parang kailan lang!  Six years ago, my life was verrry different. And six years after the birth of Technobiography, I must say: It’s been a great journey!

And there’s so much more to Technobiography, and there’s so much more to life. Abangan!

How do I celebrate this day? Well, allow me to share one of my recent wins: I’m on the latest issue of the MoneySense magazine! Saya!

I’m featured in the article “Make money doing what you love” written by Heinz Bulos. So grab your copy of MoneySense at your suking tindahan ng magasin. It’s the issue with Daphne Oseña-Paez. Quick, the copies are running out fast! My mom’s buying every copy she could get hold of! LOL!

Below, after the images, you’ll find the full transcript of our interview with Heinz of MoneySense which he used in writing the article. 

MoneySense cover - Daphne Oseña-Paez

MoneySense cover - Daphne Oseña-Paez

MoneySense - Make Money doing what you love

MoneySense - Make Money doing what you love

MoneySense - Ka Edong on centerfold

MoneySense - Ka Edong on centerfold

Are you doing what you love?
Ka Edong interviewed by Heinz Bulos
Jan 28, 2010

Heinz Bulos of MoneySense: What do you love to do that has also become a source of income for you?

Ka Edong: Two things: blogging (my hobby) and thinking/creating technology-based services that help Filipinos

MoneySense: Is it your main or primary source of income or just a supplemental source?

Ka Edong: Creating technology-based services is my primary source of income. I’m an Assistant Product Manager at Smart Communications.
Blogging is a supplemental source. I blog at about my technology life , about personal development and at for OFWs online. 

MoneySense: How do you earn from it, i.e. what’s the business model?

Ka Edong: I earn through blogging mainly through Google Adsense. When visitors to my blog click on advertisements, I get paid. I also have link advertisers — people who are willing to pay me when I display a link to their site from my site. 

MoneySense: How long have you been doing it?

Ka Edong: Been blogging since 2004 :-) 

MoneySense: What is it about your work that makes you enjoy it?

Ka Edong: I enjoy blogging because it’s my form of expression. I get a high as well when I know that there are many readers who benefit from my articles.
I enjoy my work at Smart because I’m able to implement the many ideas I have or at least influence the products that serve the Filipinos. 

MoneySense: What skills, talents, and strengths do you have that makes your work a perfect match?

Ka Edong: I have a technical background (Electrical Engineer from UP Diliman), I am firmly attuned with the man on the street, and I’m able to communicate well between management, developers and end-users. This puts me in a very good position to create products (in Smart) or articles (in blogging) that serve Filipinos. 

MoneySense: How did you come to the realization that it’s something you really love to do? When did you know this?

Ka Edong: I’ve been a telecommunications analyst for a very long time. In fact, when I started blogging in 2005, I wrote a whole lot about my observations of the telecoms industry. I was an outside observer of the telecoms industry, a customer who had many ideas about how to improve the telecoms, especially in relation to mobile commerce. 

MoneySense: Did you plunge into it immediately or did it take you a long time carefully planning for it?

Ka Edong: Blogging is a long-time hobby. Eventually, I will be taking the path of the “New Rich” as described in the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris. For now, I enjoy the best of both worlds of full-time employment which I enjoy a lot and supplemental income of blogging which I enjoy a lot as well. As I like to say: Awesome work, Awesome play, Awesome worth and Awesome pay! 

MoneySense: Did you study the market and made a business plan first or did you just go ahead for the fun of it?

Ka Edong: For the fun of it.

MoneySense: Were there people doing the job you love that you wanted to emulate? How did you learn from them?

Ka Edong: Anton Diaz is a friend and role model for me. He built up his blog , he learned fast and did very well — enough to resign from his corporate job and spend more time with his family. I’ve taken Anton’s course, Maven Secrets, and continue to work on my blog to increase the value that I create through my blog. Anton and I share a similar passion as well for teaching/coaching. I look forward to doing more of that in the future. And of course, we’re proud Filipinos! Saya!

MoneySense: What small steps did you take to get started?

Ka Edong: I used ! 🙂 . And I just wrote for self-expression without worrying much about what other people would think about my blog. Many newbie bloggers get analysis paralysis when they dwell too much on the look of their blog. Basta, sulat ka muna ng sulat, and then improve along the way.

MoneySense: What made you realize you’re on the right track?

Ka Edong: When I hit my first $100 per month earnings from my blog, I was amazed! Wow, this is something I could grow! What was even more amazing was the time that I didn’t blog for more than a month. And the money still was coming in. That’s when I realized that there are ways to earn from blogging without necessarily sweating it out too much (meron pa ring sweat, siyempre).

MoneySense: Do you believe in the saying “Do what you love, and the money will follow? Is pursuing your passion enough to become successful?

Ka Edong: I would take this advice with a grain of salt. There’s a balance that allows you enough risk to go out of your comfort zone, without putting your life (and the people you love) at a compromising situation.

MoneySense: What advice can you give people who are stuck in jobs they hate or they have accepted as their fate?

Ka Edong: First: Find the good in your current situation. Gratitude has a way of increasing our blessings.

To share a story: I had a conversation with a utility lady at our building.
I asked: “Kumusta buhay, ano balita?”
She replied with a long face: “Wala sir, walang magandang balita.”
I asked: “Bakit walang magandang balita? Buhay ka pa ba?”
She replied: “Opo.”
I asked: “May trabaho ka ba?”
She replied (now with a hint of a smile): “Opo.”
I said: “O, naka-dalawa na tayong magandang balita! Ano pa’ng iba?”
Second: Slowly but surely, develop yourself. Learn something new everyday. Expand yourself beyond your comfort zone. Do something that you always have wanted to do! And joy will increase.

(end of interview)  

Gratitude for 6 years of Technobiography and a great life ahead!

I thank all friends and readers of Technobiography as well as blogger friends and online friends we meet along the way. We celebrate what we have achieved, and we look forward to so much more we could achieve!

Here’s to many more years of fun and fulfillment in doing what we love!

ka edong


  • Happy anniv, Ka Edong! Parang kailan lang, no? At congrats sa magazine feature. 🙂
    .-= Ederic´s last blog ..The Red Shoes =-.

    • Salamat Ederic! Parang kailan lang. Spoken like old men! LOL! este LOLO! hahaha!
      Marami pa tayong makakamit, mararating!

  • Ric

    ayos pre!!! nice win for you. ngayon lang ako bibili ng moneysense magazine. puro FHM at playboy ang collecytions ko eh. hehehe…

    hopefully, this will influence me to get a new set of mags. mabuhay ka!

  • You are such an inspiration, coach edwin!

    Aba at centerfold ka na talaga! Keep on expanding your horizons! Keep it up!

  • This is such an inspiring story. Thanks to “Fatty-girl” Misyel for sharing me this site. Now I’m inspired to write more on my blog. More power kaEDoNg, and thanks for sharing this interview you had.

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