Technobiography Transferred – How to migrate your WordPress Blog

by Ka Edong on June 15, 2009

Sounds like “Technology Transfer” doesn’t it? Well it is.

Yesterday, I migrated hosting of Technobiography. I transfered to .

Here’s an walk-through of how I migrated from in ploghost to in dreamhost. For my use (or other people’s use) as a codigo in the future.

How to transfer a WordPress Blog from one webhost to another

lipatbahay - Technobiography transfer

lipatbahay - Technobiography transfer

  1. Pray. 🙂
  2. Prepare the new webhost – Install wordpress at the new webhost. I learned that dreamhost has a one-click wordpress installation. I would have been resistant using this especially when I know how to install from scratch. But it’s been working well and I recommend the one-click install. No sweat.
  3. Backup entire blog – There are many ways to backup your wordpres blog. You can try some of the popular ones: WP-DB-Backup or do a Google Search of “WordPress Backup“. I also copied my entire wordpress folder from my old webhost unto my hard disk using Filezilla FTP client.
  4. Export old blog – WordPress has a built-in function in wp-admin under Tools > Export. This action will create a WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR file which you need to save in your hard drive. The file will contain your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags. I’m pleased to find that this process I’m describing also migrates all article photos too.
  5. Import in new blog host – Login to your new blog in your new webhost. Use the import function under Tools > Import. This action will ask for your WXR file (the one you saved in step 3). The import may take time especially if you’re importing a big WXR file. My 5Mb WXR file took around 5 minutes to upload.
    When done, you’ll be presented with a list of all the articles (and comments) successfully imported. Viola!
  6. Re-build settings of your new blog
  7. Theme: using FTP, copy your old theme unto new webhost in the default location (wp-content/themes);
    Using new wp-admin, activate your theme
  8. Plugins: using FTP, copy your old plugins unto new server, same location;
    Using new wp-admin, activate your plugins.
  9. Settings: using wp-admin, copy the same settings from old blog to new blog.
    Note especially the permalinks format .
    Also note the comments settings  — you may want to change the default setting of new wp installs that visitors need to have 2 approved comments before they get published.
    Tip: open old wp-admin and new wp-admin windows side-by-side so you can easily copy settings
  10. Widgets: using wp-admin copy widgets from old to new blog. You may need to manually copy-paste content of your old widgets into your new widgets.
  11. Point domain to new blog location. Go to your domain registrar to change domain settings. I manage my domains through . In, go to “manage domains” and change your nameserver settings so that it points to your new webhost’s nameservers.
  12. Re-direct traffic from old blog to new blog. (see note below if you’re using the same domain name). This is important. You want your old blog pages to redirect to your new blog. I used the Redirection plugin by John Godley.
    Install the Redirection plugin in your OLD blog.
    Redirect your blog posts, blog pages, monthly-archive pages and index page to the equivalent page in the new blog host location.

    Now I know there is a shortcut in doing this with wildcards. After several attempts, I wasn’t able to figure it out. So I manually made 301 redirections for each blogpost. I know, it was tedious, but it works.

    : I took this step because I changed domain names. This may not be applicable if you’re maintaing your domain name but just transferring web hosts. If so, then step #10 should be enough.

  13. Clean-up. You may want to clear your old webhost of your old files. The “uploads” folder can go out first as this takes up a lot of space. Warning: If you used the re-direct plugin in step 11, you need to maintain wordpress for the re-directs to work. Alternative is to use a .htaccess redirect (which I didn’t do because I didn’t figure out how to do it 😀 ) .
  14. Pray. Whether things went berserk or whether all went smooth sailing for you (which almost never happens), say a prayer of thanks that you are still alive and that your beloved blog is now in a new place where it will be safe and sound just like your mind is.

I know this codigo will come in handy for me in the future. I also hope other folks will benefit from this codigo.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll help as much as I can. If you like this page, link back 😉 .

ka edong
lipat bahay

p.s. It’s been a good three years for Technobiography at . Thanks Abe and Jason for all the help through the years. is still at ploghost so I’ll still be around.


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