The Happening: Google Adsense Ads Missing

by Ka Edong on June 27, 2008

I wondered why my Google Adsense ads weren’t appearing on my blog. I started taking down other inserted scripts I had installed recently, thinking that they were affecting my google ads. But to no avail.

Then I visited other sites hosted in ploghost (my webserver).
I observed that and don’t have the google adsense ads either.

Then I did a Google News search for Google Adsense Missing. This is what I found …

It’s been reported in May 2008 at  WebmasterWorld threads and some Google Groups: Google Adsense Ads have been sporadically missing.

Oh no! Imagine a world without Google Ads!

Screenshots of blogs with missing google Adsense:

Google Ads Missing on TEchnobiography


Google Ads Missing on Yugatech


gOOGLE Adsense Ads Missing on pinoytechblog

p.s. not sure if there’s a connection, but my browser has been closing on it’s own today. I figured a script error (or virus!? hope not!) is closing my browser.

ka edong
da hapeneeng


  • Try mo ibang browser. Baka disabled Javascript sa browser mo. Opera 9.5 looks cool.

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  • Hi Abe,
    It wasn’t my browser.
    I saw the ads on the same browser on the same network connection an hour before the went missing.
    The ads are back up, by the way.

  • i ‘ve had adsense in my blog but it was pre installed when i download my templates can you help me find a way to put it out i really want my own adsense id in my blog

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