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by Ka Edong on June 16, 2009

I was exchanging SMS messages one time with a twitter buddy. Towards the end of our SMS conversation, we were each having our laughs with our (t)witty exchange.

Note before I share: For folks not yet familiar with Twitter, it’s twypical (typical) for tweeps (peeps, short for people) to modify words or prefix words or some consonants with “tw”.

Here’s the twalk that twappens when two twitter folks twext each other…

  • ka_edong: “tweet you later, twalligator!”
    • twitter buddy: “twokay.”
  • ka_edong: “twalang twhiya, twahat twnalang! 🙂 twhetwhetwhe!”
    • tb: “Twyou twarted twit! Twahaha :p shyet, ang hirap pumigil ng twawa dito!”
  • ka_edong: “twhahaha! nag-mukha ka ring baliw twulad ko?”
    • tb: “Twinabi mo! LOL”
  • ka_edong: “TOT! Twaughing out Twoud! Twama na nga!”
    • tb: ” :p “
  • ka_edong: ” tw:p “

Share your twitter twalk 😉 . Whether in english, twagalog or twaglish.
And lets all twaugh out twoud!

ka edong
twaughing out twoud!

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  • Joneeboy

    What a load of childish twaddle. Don’t you have something better to do with your time? No wonder the Philippines is so far behind.

    • sa mga ganitong comments, umiiling nalang ako. at nagpapasalamat sa Diyos na masayahin akong tao at napapaligiran ng masayahing mga kaibigan . 🙂

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