Who wants to win a Sony Vaio or Sony Cybershot?

by Ka Edong on November 26, 2008

I sure would want to win it. And I feel I already did! (Law of attraction, mga kapatid! ).

Sony and Nuffnang are running a contest for bloggers entitled: “Sony World’s Firsts Contest!

The contest asks bloggers to write about their first experience with Sony. Whether you’re 13, 33 (like me) or 63 years old, I’m sure you have many good memories about experiencing Sony for the first time.

Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio

I personally experienced Sony back in elementary in Baguio, borrowing my brother’s Sony walkman which he received as a Christmas gift (in the meantime, at age 6, and I got a stuffed toy for Christmas!). It must have been around 1981. My parents bought the Sony walkman (and my stuffed toy) during their trip to the US!

Ooops, but this isn’t my contest entry yet. Let me dip into my Sony memories muna.

In the meantime, here are excerpts from the contest mechanics:

1. First of all, you should be a Nuffnanger to be eligible to join this contest.

2.Write or make a BLOG ENTRY answering the question: “What is your first Sony product and describe its impact in your life.” You can use videos, photos, scrapbook or anything as long as you can make us and Sony swoon! Impress and show off! Be Creative and Innovative in your entry! 🙂

3. The blog entries should have a uniform title: “My first Sony experience is with my _________”

Ex. My first Sony experience is with my Sony walkman.

4. The blog entry should end with this sentence: “It (your first Sony product) definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First _________________.”

Complete the above sentence by choosing among the new 8 products with the World Breakthrough Technologies.

For more details about the Sony’s World’s Firsts contest , visit Nuffnang.com.ph or Sony.com.ph .

I’m sure there are many Sony stories out there. It would be interesting reading those stories. I sure would like to hear the story behind a 63 year-old blogger’s first experience with Sony (lolo, not first exprience Siony, ha!). hehehe. And how that story would compare to a 13 year-old’s first experience with Sony.

See you on Dec 6 at the SMX Convention center, venue for the Sony Expo 2008. I’ll be batting for that Sony Vaio and Sony Cybershot!

ka edong
So nice

Disclosure: Nuffnang and Sony contacted me directly telling me about their campaign for this contest and the Sony Expo 2008. I’ve been asked to appear on a TV show, mornings @ ANC on Nov 27, 9-11am to talk about my experience with a Sony Vaio T15GN loaned to me for evaluation.

Aside from my parents, who wants to see me on TV? 😀


  • David

    i need a copectiion that will make way for me to win a sony cybershor phone. and please reply me though my email

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