WordCamp Philippines

by Ka Edong on September 24, 2008

I was at the Wordcamp two weekends ago (almost stale news in the fast paced world of blogging).

I had some work in the morning thus missed the breakout sessions. I got to the venue in the afternoon and caught some plenary presentations.

Wordcamp Philippines 2008 Class Picture (by Randy Nivales)

Wordcamp Philippines 2008 Class Picture (by Randy Nivales)

The highlight of the afternoon was the Q&A with Matt Mullenweg. (btw, nice davao photos here)

A young man with such a valuable contribution to the world of blogging with the creation of WordPress. Very brilliant, articulate and down-to-earth. But that day in a blogger’s circle, he was a celebrity! It was fun watching people take photos with him like he was Tom Cruise.

Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Philippines 2008

Short notes

Saw Alvin, Junette, Ederic, Sonnie, Jayvee of Blogbank, Jing of Nuffnang, Randy, J Angelo, Regnard (thanks for the shirt!).

I also got two tickets to the ITALY premiere! Mwahahaha!

Met Blogie and Migsâ„¢ . Funny guy, this migs! Great job Mindanao Bloggers with organizing the Wordcamp, guys! Three cheers! Mabu-hey!

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