WordPress Upgrade Hiccups

by Ka Edong on June 9, 2008

Hermps. I encountered some WordPress upgrade hiccups. Short of it, I didn’t follow the upgrade to the tee. I missed these steps:
# 1.2.2 Step 2: Back up ALL your WordPress files
# 1.2.3 Step 3: Verify the backups
# 1.2.4 Step 4: Deactivate ALL your Plugins
# 1.2.5 Step 5: Ensure first four steps are completed

Hermps. Now I need to do some work arounds 🙁
I contacted Phil who encountered a similar problem before.

Hi Phil,
I’m encountering the same error as you described here:

I think it might have something to do with not deactivating my plugins before overwriting my wordpress files. I’m upgrading from … (what I think was) wp 1.5 .

I have my database backup
I have my archives backup (some old files of individual posts)

You said:

Here’s what I did to fix this:
1. I renamed all my tables.
2. I went to my blog, it didn’t find any of my tables and thought it was a brand new blog so it setup the default tables.
3. I ran the upgrade which was “successful”.
4. I renamed all my tables back to their original nam

How did you rename your tables? through PHPMyAdmin? I couldn’t find the rename function.
I’m trying to rename the following, just like you did:

* Browse wp_categories
* Browse wp_comments
* Browse wp_linkcategories
* Browse wp_links
* Browse wp_options
* Browse wp_post2cat
* Browse wp_postmeta
* Browse wp_posts
* Browse wp_usermeta
* Browse wp_users

My blog is at http://mobiletulay.edongskey.com

Now, how do you rename those tables?

Update (8:55pm): Found how to rename tables. I’ve found my posts in the old tables (whew, thank God!). But I couldn’t manage to make the old posts come out on wp-admin nor on the blog.

I’ve decided to:
Re-install the latest wordpress, then transfer from old wp-posts table to new wp-posts table. Hmmm…. that will take some patience, but it can be done. Buti nalang I still have the old posts and archives of my resources.

Update (11:20pm):
Whew! I’m alive! Still kicking. After encountering many errors upgrading Purposeful and MobileTulay, I finally recovered enough of my content to sleep soundly tonight. I used the Import Export function of the wp-admin to recover the files. In essence, this is what I did:
a.) Renamed my wordpress tables from wp-xxx to 1wp-xxx via PhpMyAdmin
b.) Re-installed wordpress
c.) Renamed my new “wp-posts” to “2wp-posts”.
d.) Renamed old “1wp-posts” to “wp-posts”. This made my old posts “visible” to wp-admin.
d.) Used the Export Function (wp-admin > Manage > Export) to export the old posts into an XML file.
e.) Reverted “wp-posts” to “1wp-posts” making my old posts “invisible” to wp-admin.
f.) Reverted “2wp-posts” to “wp-posts” making wp-admin see a blank “wp-posts” table.
g.) Used the Import Function to import the XML file and populate the wp-posts table with my old posts.

Yey! I’ve got my old posts back. I don’t have my old categories anymore, but that’s alright. I’ve got backups and could re-apply the categories when I choose to.

ka edong


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