Automated Teller Machines with earphone jack – for the Blind?

by Ka Edong on July 26, 2007

earphone jack on atmsNotice the earphone jack on some ATMs?

I was suspicious first time I saw them. Thought they were being used for an ATM scam. I was told by a banker that all BPI ATMs in Quezon City had these earphone jacks. Quezon City mandated it daw.

One time I was in Serendra, about to withdraw from a BPI ATM. I happened to be listening to my MP4 player. So I decided to try out the earphone port. I plugged in my earphones and was expecting a voice prompt (like the ones in noisy Metrobank ATMs) saying “Please enter your PIN”.

Nothing of that sort. There wasn’t any audio through the earphone jack.

So what is it? It’s (so far) a useless earphone jack installed on ATMs to comply to a memorandum. Maybe later on (in a century or so) they’ll start using it for better access to ATMs for the blind. Maybe

ka edong


  • tried the earphone jacks in one of them bpi atms (the new ones, that plays a video after your transaction)… the only sound i hear is a clicking sound when the screen changes, much like when the page loads in IE or

  • same thing i heard, esti.

    I guess the bright side of it is that the machines are ready — just a matter of installing earphones audio (for whatever useful reason)

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