My first PayPal Transaction

by Ka Edong on April 23, 2008

I created my first PayPal account back in 2003 at a time when PayPal was not available for the Philippines. I created the account as I was tinkering with an online remittance solution for the common Filipino.

I did a work-around at that time and used my friend’s Canada postal address as a “home” address. Then was planning to register my friend’s credit card or bank account to complete the account validation. I didn’t get far.

A few days ago, a blogger friend Abe told me I had some money with him. And that he could send it to me right away through PayPal. So I hagilap-ed (whatta word!) my old PayPal emails and found my old account from back in 2003. Then got Abe to send me money.

My money was in my PayPal account with the clicks of a few mouse-buttons. Saya!

I tried to convert the 2003 account into a Philippine account now that we had the full PayPal service available for the Philippines. But, it isn’t allowed. If a PayPal user moves countries, he’ll need to close the old account and create a new account.

Shucks. Oh well no worries. I opened a 2008 account and will transfer the entire amount from the 2003 account to the 2008 account. ….

As soon as I figure out how to do that! hahahhaa!

 ka edong
PayPal newbie


  • ka edong pa add naman po sa blogroll nyo, – magbabalik na po ako sa pag blog.

  • jlaw

    i have exactly this problem and i have a bigger amount from my earnings on the net in 2003-2005. ginawa ko na lahat, ang nakikita ko lang na solution is to go and live LEGALLY in the US. kc kailangan ng ID’s to open a US bank account..hayy..sana nga may magpost dito ng solution. i am tempted na nga to write exactly what happened sa paypal, kaso baka naman ma close bigla account ko. intayin ko na lang makarating sa America,hahaha,sana soon na…lol

  • Hi jlaw,

    Did you figure out how to transfer money from the un-verified account to another account?

    ka edong

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  • Id use moneybokers anyhow..

    it is much better than Paypal..
    and Cheaper..

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