My eyes on the NBI

by Ka Edong on December 8, 2005

Here are other notes and observations of my experience getting an NBI clearance. This is turning out to be an NBI-themed week on Technobiography.

  • While at Carriedo, I noticed the more or less clear signs of what windows and what sections belonged where.
  • I explained to three ladies at one of the windows that I had an extra-ordinary case, having been to an NBI kiosk in Baguio and getting a “hit” (my name was in the NBI’s watch list).
    One lady said:

    “Samahan mo na nga yan, kawawa naman, yan.”

    She helped expedite my clearance processing.
    Did I look like a poor dog? What made me deserve the expediting [or is it “expedition” 😉 ]? The skeptic in me said: “Are they expecting something in return?”

  • I noticed that they did not have uniforms. Was it wash day that day? Didn’t the NBI have a budget for uniforms? Were they employees of Mega Computer, a private company that handles some IT processes of the NBI?
  • NBI camera, taking a picture of a picture. I also noticed this nifty contraption they put together (see photo). It’s a camera with an adjustable stand. This guy is taking a picture of a picture that will be printed on the NBI clearance in lieu of a digital photo of the “live” person.
    Aside from this camera, there are more than 5 other digital cameras taking photos of “live” people – like a mugshot – that gets printed on the NBI clearance.

All in all, I think there have been commendable improvements in the way I’ve been getting my NBI clearance through the years. They’re improving. Not perfect, but who is anyway?

For this, a POB for the NBI. (A pat on the back for the NBI).

ka edong


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