NBI clearance on wheels

by Ka Edong on December 7, 2005

I was at the NBI Clearance center at Carriedo. It’s a 6-storey building that hosts NBI facilities for issuing NBI clearances. Thousands of applicants of all shapes, sizes and degrees of masochism flock to Carriedo to get their NBI clearance.

But if they are lucky, they won’t need to travel to Carriedo.

For one, the NBI has more than 50 kiosks around most urban centers in the Philippines. These kiosks can process the “normal” NBI clearances – normal being those people whose names are easily cleared without need for further verification.

Another option is to catch the NBI clearance on wheels!

The NBI has a van that is fully-equipped to process and issue clearances. It comes complete with a digital camera, computers (specifically laptops) that contain the necessary databases and a printer.

The NBI personnel I spoke to says the NBI clearance on wheels can serve around 10,000 clients per day. They can go to three locations per week. Mayors request for this NBI service for various occassions: Fiestas, job expos etc.

Unfortunately, the facility’s capacity to accomodate of 10,000 clients per day is often under utilized. Sometimes, my informant tells me, only 500 people apply.

I offered:

“Siguro kulang ng marketing. Baka hindi naipapa-alam sa maraming tao na may NBI Clearance on Wheels na darating sa lugar nila.”
(Maybe it’s a marketing gap. Perhaps not enough people are informed that the NBI Clearance on Wheels is coming to their place.)

My informant disagreed. He said people find it more exciting to get a clearance in Manila. There is more adventure here, more challenge. And of course, they get the chance to go to the malls and see places here in Manila. That’s an experience they won’t get out of the NBI Clearance on Wheels.

Quote: “Gusto rin nilang makaranas ng konting hirap, pakikipagsapalaran.”

There you are. A novel idea to bring government services to the people. And learning about technology adoption as a function of “thrill”, “challenge” and the perks of travelling to the city.

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