NBI Payment Kiosk System: Saves time and sweat

by Ka Edong on March 18, 2009

I went to the NBI office at Carriedo back in November 2008. I knew from past experience that I couldn’t get my NBI clearance renewed at the mall-based kiosks because I have some namesakes who have a bad record in the NBI.

When I reached the Carriedo office, I’ve found that there were a few technology developments since my previous visit in 2005. Highly notable was the NBI Payment Kiosk System.

Payment Kiosk System

Payment is Step No. 1 in getting an NBI clearance. There is the usual manual payment line where a human cashier who accepts your payment. You’ll see from the photo below how long the lines are.

Step 1: NBI Payment - long lines at the manual cashiers

Step 1: NBI Payment - long lines at the manual cashiers

On the other hand, there is the Payment Kiosk System. It is set of automated machines that accepts payments like a vendo machine. This complements the manual payment made to a cashier.

And the lines a whole lot shorter! (photo after the jump) …

NBI Payment Kiosk

NBI Payment Kiosk

The Payment Kiosk accepts exact payment with one 100 peso bill and three 5 peso coins. This is the exact amount needed for one NBI clearance. Payments are given to the machine through a paper bill slot and a coin slot. The machine does not return any change.

NBI Payment Kiosk accepts exact change only

NBI Payment Kiosk accepts exact change only

The Payment Kiosk has an interface that’s written both in English and Tagalog. To interact with the machine, the user gives input through a numeric keypad. Users will be asked to choose between “local” clearance or “international” clearance. If you need more than one clearance, you just need to go through the process twice.

NBI Payment Kiosk System interface - written in English and Filipino

NBI Payment Kiosk System interface - written in English and Filipino

After going through the automated payment process, the machine will print a receipt for the user. This is the receipt to be used in the next step of the clearance.

I wondered why the lines were so long at the manual payment, but so short at the machine payment. One thing is the awareness of people, perhaps a fear of technology, or a fear of failure. I think people are wary of making a mistake while using the machine and not having human assistance nearby to help avert or correct the mistake.

Why aren't people using the machines?

Why aren't people using the machines?

There were NBI (or contractor) employees nearby. When I asked them why only a few people use the machines, the employee ventured to say that it’s probably because people don’t have exact change. hmmm….

Here’s the tip

If the mall-based NBI kiosks can’t do your clearance and you have to go to Carriedo to get an NBI clearance, save yourself some sweat and some 20 minutes.

Instead of lining up at the manual cashier, use the Payment Machine Kiosk which will take just a minute for the same transaction.

Don’t forget to bring exact change: one P100 bill and three P5 coins.

And lastly, write your name on the receipt so that other people can’t use your receipt.

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Next week: BIR’s Electronic Filing and Payment System

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  • ka edong! i got another tip to those planning on using the machines. blogged about it sometime ago here: http://bubblehearth.blogspot.com/2008/06/15-minute-nbi-clearance.html

    to those who don’t want to jump, basically you get the nbi clearance card for some amount and you can use it the next time you apply for clearance.

    ~15 minutes!

  • http://bubblehearth.blogspot.com/2008/06/15-minute-nbi-clearance.html

    i got another tip to further lessen your waiting time for the nbi clearance.. in a nutshell: get the nbi clearance renewal card. :p

  • ay sorry sa spam. kasi pagsubmit ko comment nakalagay, post not found daw. pabura na lang ka edong :p

  • Hey Esti!
    Yup, I saw that kiosk din! 😉 . Di ko na nga mahanap yung photos ko nun. The card is ideal for folks who get the NBI clearance on a yearly basis.

    Thanks for sharing, buddy!

    ka edong

  • haven’t gotten around fixing that comments acknowledgement page.

  • 😮 I suddenly saw the next week’s topic….

    “Next week: BIR’s Electronic Filing and Payment System.”

    waiting for your thoughts on that one. (I wonder what that system is *rolleyes*)

  • love

    ask q lang poh qng open poh ung nbi sa megamall on mon,,march 06 2009,,,?at kung pwede anu poh pwedeng kunin,,kasi i have an nbi dat i juzt get last march 09 2009,,and i nid an nbi 4 travel abroad,,nd im going 2 change my surname,,coz im already married ds last march 21 2009,,,anu poh pwede qng iaaply,,,?renewal poh ba o new..?thnx,,!

  • Mitch

    Ask lang po sana ako kung what day open yung NBI sa Megamall??Open ba pag saturday or sunday??and til what time open??kasi work ako mon-fri..need urgent response..Hope you can help me..Thanks

  • ayan

    ask ko lng din po kung open ba yung NBI renewal kiosk sa megamall every saturday or sunday! need urgent response din po! thanks!

  • Jillian

    open po ba ung kiosk sa grand central pag sunday?

  • mavic

    nid b ung renewal card kapag s megamall kukuha??

  • Ask ko lang po kung saan location in Metro Manila matatagpuan ang NBI kiosk at bukas po ba ang mga kiosk sa araw ng Saturday at Sunday ?

  • mabeth

    I urgently need a renewal copy of nbi,mine just lapsed last june 2,2009.kpag dito sa amin sa kapitolyo kukuha it last for about 2 weeksbgo marelease khit renewal, madami po ako kapngaln.Ask ko lng po if sa megamall kiosk po me kuha renewal makukuha ko pa bo agad araw na un?thanks po.need your response asap.

    • @mabeth,
      not necessarily. lalo na kung ang kapangalan mo ay may (bad) record sa NBI.
      If that’s the case, I suggest you go directly to NBI carriedo. Dun din ang bagsak nun whether sa kapitolyo ka mag-apply or sa megamall.

  • mabeth

    dito po kase me Laguna.If I go to NBI Carriedo khit super sa haba ng pila makukuha ko din po ba the same day?thanks for the response.

    • mabeth, not the same day. If i remember right, 1 week after ko pa nakuha ang akin.

  • jett

    uulitin ko po yung unanswered questin sa taas, bukas po ba ang mga kiosks ng weekends..?
    please reply po. thank you..

  • liza

    i’m from cavite, phirapan ang pagkuha ng nbi dto khit renewal lang,kailngan m pang pumila from 4am pra lang mkakuha ng number.pwede bang magrenew khit saan at pwese pb sa main ofis?

  • I’ d like to ask, since im a newly graduate and its my first time to apply for nbi clearance is it possible that i can get a clearance at a kiosk instead of the main office?

  • leny

    Open ba ang NBI megamall pag saturday for renewal lang
    urgent response please

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