Education For All Thru Radio

by Ka Edong on May 31, 2008

I visited my friends Nannie and Mel at my former office, Foundation for IT Education and Development.

Nannie told me about a very interesting pilot project they conducted last year. They call it Education For All Thru Radio or EFAR .
In essence:

  • Teach Teachers through Radio
  • content experts give a “lesson” via a radio program
  • broadcasted nationwide
  • 16 episodes
  • 15 minutes each
  • then the teachers come together in a face-to-face class (on a district-level ata) to clarify the lessons and to do some “hands-on” teaching/sharing

Some early results of the pilot show are quite good. Although many of the teachers-in-training have been teaching for many years (or decades!), the new method using radio lessons enhances the teachers’ learning and teaching.

I guess it’s a matter of making more supplemental learning more accessible for the teachers. And what pervasive media is out there that doesn’t require any additional costs, doesn’t require additional skills to access, and can be done from the confines of a teacher’s home? The Radio, of course! The teacher can even listen to the lesson while riding the jeep home (e.g. listen to the radio via her cellphone using a headset).

See the video of EFAR here.
That’s an example of taking an old technology and innovating it’s use to make a relevant and effective solution.

I had a previous article about Radio Browsing. Radio Browsing is broadcasting an Internet surfing experience so that listeners can still get info about online content even without surfing the Internet.

I like the Teaching Teachers through Radio project. It makes relevant content available to teachers through a “safe”, familiar and trusted media.

Goodluck with the project, Nannie. Balitaan mo ako when you have the website up, or when you have more info to share. 😉

ka edong


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