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by Ka Edong on May 3, 2009

Amidst the celebration of Pacquiao’s fight, I am even more exhilarated by a 1 minute video I first saw during the fight.

Quick info:

How to join AKO MISMO:
Visit the website at www.akomismo.org and make your pledge. Ako Mismo Links:

Where to get AKO MISMO dogtags:
Update (May 7)
: FAQs say dogtags will be available in “next few weeks”.
Update (May 30)
: The Dog Tags are coming (< — this page requires login) (Thanks mel for info)
Update (June 14):  AKO MISMO Dog Tag Day Posters; AKO MISMO Dog Tag Day Videos

  • First public launch of Dog Tags:
    AKO MISMO DOG TAG DAY on June 12 at the Fort concert grounds in Taguig.
  • “By July, dog tags will be made available in 400 Mail & More outlets nationwide for P40. Again, proceeds will go towards socio-civic and charity works that AKO MISMO is supporting. We will publish the amounts raised for each of our charities on this website.” – www.akomismo.org

How can I help?
Many ways to help in nation-building.

First, here’s the clip. Second (after the clip), let me tell you how I feel and what I think about this whole campaign.

What is AKO MISMO?

From what I’ve seen and read, AKO MISMO is a campaign.

It’s a campaign for Filipinos to take action towards helping the Philippines rise and move forward.

It’s a campaign to help instill the awareness in Pinoys to take action instead of complain or blame.

We each have a role in making our country great! Not just somebody else’s role.

It’s MY role! It’s OUR role to make the Philippines a great country!

(read what the www.akomismo.org website says about the campaign).

AKO MISMO – my own thoughts, my own words.

JM and I share the same feeling about seeing this video. Nakaka-pangilabot!

Frankly, the first time I saw the ad, I was half-expecting to see an endorsement for another politician.

Pero dehins, men!

This ad was about us Filipinos taking-charge!

This campaign is about us Filipinos taking responsibility for our beloved country and doing our share, each in our own way.

In an exchange of messages via Facebook, JM and I reminisced about our NAMFREL volunteer days.

That role of helping our country, that’s the feeling I’m feeling now!

And it’s so exciting finding out that hundreds of thousands of Filipinos are taking a stand and making a commitment to help our country.

All star cast

Ely Buendia, Charise Pempengco, Maxine Magalona (and truly and strongly I feel Francis M is in there too!), Mon Fernandez, Efren (Kuya F, behind a kariton school ), Luis Manzano, a priest, a muslim lady, a medical technician, Angel Locsin, Arnel Pineda, a women’s rights advocate, a Pinoy Hollywood director, and more …

These are the people who captured and communicated, in this video, the commitment for our country! Ang galing! Ang galing!

The www.akomismo.org website

I visited the website just an hour ago. And I am overwhelmed! In a span of 7 hours, they’ve gathered 14,000 commitments on the wall of commitments from thousands of Filipinos.

My first commitment was to write about www.akomismo.org . And I’m doing it right now!

Ka Edong Pledge number 1: Write about www.akomismo.org - Done!
Ka Edong Pledge number 1: Write about www.akomismo.org – Done!

My excitement

Why am excited about all this?

I feel it’s the unity of EDSA revolution
on an individual level,
and with the common awareness of each other’s commitment,
and the awareness that we’re in this together!.

Let me just write in bullets.

  • It’s about time! It’s about time we Filipinos band together and take action in making our country rise!
  • The timing was perfect! At a time when Manny Pacquiao takes to the ring and makes the Filipino proud and united – perfect time for the Filipinos to take this to the next level.
  • Nakaka-pangilabot! I watched the video again and again and I know this is big.
  • I pray to the good Lord that this campaign will touch the hearts of millions of Filipinos the way it has touched me!
  • Is this a tipping point for the Philippines?
  • Where’s Gang Badoy and Rock.Ed Philippines? Are they involved? Get them involved! This is a campaign that Rock.Ed Philippines has been doing for many years. “No more excuses, Philippines!” “Tama na reklamo, kumilos nalang tayo!”  They have much to contribute in helping in this campaign. Include http://www.onetama.com/ as well!
  • I see there are thousands of commitments already on the commitment wall. I see people committing to be a better Filipino, to committing to not litter, committing to pray for the Philippines, committing to join volunteer work, committing to make a video for Filipinos etc.
  • This wall of commitments is powerful! It sends a powerful message that “I will do my part” to help our country and thousands more are doing their part! Powerful!
  • I see that some of these commitments come from people who didn’t understand what they were writing (e.g. “ako mismo ang mag-search”, “ako mismo kakain na ako”, “ako mismo web developer”, “ako mismo sign up”)  — these obviously came from people who didn’t understand that what they were writing was going to be published in the form of a commitment on the commitment wall. The website must help people understand better what committments we are looking for.
  • What I fear is that people might start vandalizing the commitment wall with kalokohan. I’ve already seen some bordering on kalokohan. The web-administrator of www.akomismo.org better be ready for attacks like that. We can’t avoid that there will be people who will try to ruin a good thing.
  • Where can I get the Ako Mismo dog tags!? I want to wear it, and I will wear it proud!
Ako Mismo dog tags - I want!
Ako Mismo dog tags – I want!

Now what!?

My action steps:

  • Commitment #1: write about www.akomismo.org — done 😀
  • tell my friends about it — done
  • get an ako mismo dog tag – done (june 12)
  • sign-up for more commitments — ako mismo ang gagawa ng sarili kong commitments! — done ; But wait, there’s more! 🙂

Bloggers unite! Link-lovin for this AkoMismo campaign …

comment below or send me an email and I’ll add your link to this list: ka_edong at edwinsoriano.com

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  • m

    Ano nga kaya talaga ‘yang akomismo.org na yan? Wala man lang inilagay na kahit anong ‘vmo’. Basta ipinakita lang ang mga endorsers na celebrity sa kani-kanilang larangan. Alam din kaya nila kung anong ginagawa nila doon? Hindi naman kinakailangan pang maging miyembro ka ng isang napaka-prestihiyosong organisasyon para lang makapagbahagi ka ng kakayahan, talino o kaalaman sa bayan at sa kababayan.

    Sense of responsibility…
    Ang motivation sa pagtulong; hindi lang naman siguro naa-acquire yan sa pag-sali sa mga campaign for a cause. Dapat, meron ka na nito, na unti-unting na-dedeveloped mula noong tinuturuan ka ng mga magulang mo ng tamang asal at pumasok ka sa elementary school para pag-aralan ang values education.

    The real motives…
    I believe that your motive is pure and very clear.
    But you did not ask yourself, “What are the real intentions of the people behind this BIG project?”

  • hi m,

    thanks for sharing.

    I have similar questions in my mind now.

    While I’m searching for answers, I will take the campaign in good light.

    It’s a happier way of living my life 😉

    ka edong

    • gud day.. im ryan amil from kalibo..pres.kalibo united youth assn. sir we plan 2 organize a youth assembly night ds Nov.? partcptd by schools,(students)& out of skul youth. ds s a youth concert we hve a band & dance entertainment @ d same tym ds program hve a conversation for environment,education,global warming,& youth responsibilities,others.. sir we rquest ur partcption.

  • m

    ka edong, thanx for your re.

    Happier way of living life – Noted.

  • udy

    the advertisement is great..if there is one thing that this ad want to say is we should wake up and make a move and be united for this country to improve..every filipino should do their part..all i can say is wake up!!!

  • Ian

    You’d have to sign up to view the “About” and “FAQ” pages?

    Ians last blog post..Delicious linkroll, revised

  • Mishy

    i want an “ako mismo” dog tag too! please let me know if you find out how or where to get it. thanks! 😀 nice article, btw! 😀

    • sa sta. lucia po meon dun!”

  • @udy, agree! (pero tulog muna ako in a while, great week ahead!) 😀
    @ian, my friend shared the same. sent you email, buddy.
    @mishy, will do!

  • Hi! Like what I said on my FB status, I’m going to support this 110%. Hopefully this doesn’t have any taint of politics in it. If it does, then I’m sure this will backfire, big time.

    New Media Philippiness last blog post..Ako Mismo Campaign

    • i want to join a campaign but i dont know ho to join?plz teach me

    • nightmare

      how to register in your campaign

  • Joel E.

    Hi Edwin.

    I was watching the fight also when I saw the AKOMISMO ad. The message was good and it was an all star cast. Not to mention the monochromatic effect, with the red dog tag standing out.

    But seeing the end, I saw which company sponsors the ad. I didn’t want to think ill about the ad, but I can’t help think who heads the sponsoring company.

    The advertisement was a way of testing the waters to pave way for a political agenda of the executive. I know this for sure since I’ve been hearing news about the executive recruiting political leaders around the country.

    I really have nothing against it, really, but let us call spade a spade.

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  • edward buraga

    want to know how would be a member of the organization?

  • Thanks, Ka Edong!

    Signed up and blogged about it for CNET Asia http://asia.cnet.com/blogs/babelmachine/post.htm?id=63010561


    Joey Alarillas last blog post..Ako Mismo advocacy for change in the Philippines taps Old and New Media

    • ka EDONG

      gnada ng campaign sana lht ng ng cocoment 22o ang sinasabi…

      ako proud to be a pilipino at dhil s akomismo campaign ng ka roon ako ng pg asa n ndi lng pla ako ng iisa sna samasama nting mabago tulong tulong tYO isa ako s mg sisimula ng pagbabago ng ating bayan….sana ndi ako mg isa

      • ako mismo ang tutolong sa aking kapwa at ipagmamalaki ko ang pilipino sa buong mundo

        dahil itoy zariling atin

  • jho

    The first time i saw the ads,na touch ako..Our role is to help our country!!!

  • edward buraga

    there are lots of doings to help our country but witout your commitment and sustainable support with the said doings you cannot attain it.generous compassion will help a lot to help our country.it maybe a star or a commoner.So how do I will be a member as a commoner?

  • Jayson

    how can i get ako mismo dogtag ?? plss call me here 09322346737 thanks..

  • @ joel e., perhaps. I don’t know yet for sure. I’m treading this with eyes wide open. But perhaps there is much good in the spade. I don’t want to throw away that good 😉 . Thanks for sharing, bro! BTIJ!

    @edward, @jayson, visit http://www.akomismo.org for more details. I’ll find out about the dogtags.

    @jho, sama-sama, tulong-tulong

  • Marinelle Limosnero

    i want a dog tag of AKO MISMO! where i can buy that bling bling? and i want to be part of that org also!

  • Marinelle Limosnero

    part si CHRIS TIU ng AKO MISMO! kaya gusto ko rin maging part nun! dahil lahat ng sinasabi ni Chris Tiu, malaki ang impact sakin. because he is truly a good Filipino citizen of this country!

  • Annette

    Isa ako sa nagulat ng campaign na ito, dhil ang mga nagsa2lita ay mga sikat na personalidad sa ibat ibang profession, at may ordinariong ma2yan.May lalim ang hadhikain, ngunit ang tanong ko sino ang nasa likod po nito mga politiko po ba? upang sa ganoon po masuri din po nmn.

  • ecko

    The first time i saw the ad, i thought it was some kind of political mumbo-jumbo; however, i was really hooked by what the campaign wants to convey…i know that others may doubt what the campaign really means or who is/are behind it, but it never hurts to be part of something that speak ur mind out, only few things let us do that isnt it?

  • I’m sorry, I’d just like to pose a dissenting opinion.

    Hindi ako bilib sa campaign na ito. What makes this different from the dozes of other individualistic “I” campaigns year in and year out that have done little and flopped?

    Wala akong problema sa paggawa ng mabuti, sure let’s go ahead and do good–but that’s what we’re supposed to be doing anyway regardless of campaigns like this.

    Worse, this campaign totally erases the role of big businesses and the government in maintaining the sad state of affairs we are in and puts all the blame on the Filipino individual, for apparently–being lazy, not obeying traffic rules, not sweeping the backyard, not smiling, not praying, etc.


  • erikson lim

    san po pedeng bumili ng akomismo dog tag gs2 ko maging parte ng kilusang ito

  • I myself immediately posted my joining the AKOMISMO org yesterday on my blog. We were one in thinking that it might be another presidentiable TVC or something but I think it’s very apolitical and the message really cuts me through. I wish there would be more Pinoys worldwide who will impart their contribution in doing good things to our own.

    docgelos last blog post..KUSANG-LOOB

  • Louie M. Miranda

    i like the words used “ako mismo!” it send a very strong message on how to start things right! i myself practice that philosophy: i dont tell my people to do things i dont know how to do, simply because if they dont do it, “ako mismo ang gagawa!” To date sharing what i have, in my own little way is like throwing a small piece of stone to a 8inch thick wall, but together! we can make a difference! I support you guys for we share the same vision…

  • pilopatjamesara medina

    when i saw and hear the ads, masnalaman ko p n madami n mbubuhayan ng loob pr s pagbabago at pagbangon muli ng ating bayan…

    satin mismo, sa sarili ntin magmula…

    where and how can i get the akomismo tags?

    ipgptuloy sn ntin ung mga mggandang gawain pr s bayan! pr s buong mundo!

    • amil from kalibo,aklan:] can we request d support of akomismo org.?? cz on ds month of nov.we hve an youth assembly night in our town of kalibo,theme:SK – sulong kabataan!! our central function s 2 educate d youth 4 their responsibilities in the community. @ d same tym we hve an ntertainment band and hip hop dance showdown. we believe n ds cause, the youth will be united.
      09106546241 pres.

  • polmykel

    hello,, ano po bang details ng campaign na ito? nakita ko lang sa commercial at gusto kong malinawan at kung maaari ay mapabilang,,

    • im “ryan” amil from kalibo. president of Kalibo United Youth Assn.(KUYA). id like 2 participate ds campaign bt i dnt hve any idea how to join or 2 registerd ds org. pls..
      & cn i ask d assistance of ds org.2 our youth assmbly night.pls tnx

  • czarina

    how to get a dog tag??? i already registered but no details appeared.

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  • Charlone Vilooria

    gus2 ko din sana papabilang sa samahang ito at pweding bumili po ng dog tg nyo po at kung pwede po . papa anu po ba


  • m

    “Nasan nga ba ang pagbabago at ang kagustuhan para dito?…”

    Sa mga may gusto ng akomismo tag, nice…
    parte na kayo ng ‘50% of the Phil. population: undecided’

    “Bakit, dati ba wala kayong pagnanais na baguhin ang bansa?”

    “Bakit, dati ba hindi kayo responsable sa kapwa at bayan?”

    Ngayon na o ngayon lang?

    Maybe, this one is created to guide and to somehow, enlighten the Filipinos.

    But, are we really guided to the destination we want to be?

    I have doubts in akomismo.org’s genuineness.
    And I have real uncertainties to the people at the back of it. Why?

    Because, I think, it’s a new form of government… A new manifestation of political authority

    Compare them: The existing government and the akomismo organization… They have the same goals but they don’t have the same administrators, maybe.

    My point is, we, Filipinos, already have a government. And it is the most legitimate, as long as we believe in its power to direct us.

    Ok. These are only instincts. Natural.

    “…Nasa bawat isa.”

    • u hve a point.. bt n my opinion, ds campaign s 2 encourage d other youth 2 be responsible 2 dr cmmunity.@t meron clang 1sang insprasyon. malaki e2ng nging ehimplo sa mga kabtaan.lalo nt sa tym ngaun..nankkta nla ang knilang mga idolo sa tlvsion ay kbhagi rin nito. & i also blieve na klangan tlaga ng isang programang pupukaw sa atin. at mag simula sa atin ng pagbabago. iwasan lng ntin ang maling pgppkhulugan. but instead we partcpate n0t n any political strategy bt n d name of democracy. im open 4 d others opinion:]

  • jay

    gusto ko yung lace nila asteg !

  • bilang isang studyante, tutulong ako sa ating bansa upang umunlad ito..

    bilang isang SK Councilor sa aming barangay, hihikayatin ko ang mga kabataan sa amin na kami mismo ang gagawa ng paraan upang umunlad ang ating bansa.

    bilang isang anak, kapatid, kaibigan, kaiskwela, at mamamayan ng PILIPINAS ako mismo ang gagawa ng hakbang tungo sa p[ag-unlad nito.

  • Maron Zafe

    ako mismo para s kin ito ang simulain ng mga makabagong kabataan tulad natin at upang malaman natin ang ating mga duties and responsibilities diti sa ating bansa dapat tau kumilos at makialam o maging aware a mga nabgyayari sa ating lipunan,simulan natin ito sa ating mga sarili kundi sa AKO MISMO

  • realitee

    didn’t know that this movement is all about the DOG TAG!

  • kat

    tama ang sinasabi nila, we should start on our own, kapag estudyante ka, mag-aral kang mabuti, kung empleyado ka, magtrabho ka ng maayos, kung business owner ka dapat alam mo ang tama at mali, atbpa.

    di ba????

    ikaw mismo ang gagawa ng kapalaran mo, at tutulong sa pagunlad ng bansa natin.

    yes,its time for us Filipinoes to WAKE UP!!!!

    tayo naman!!!, sabi nga nasaan ang kabataan di ba sila ang pagasa ng ating bayan? nasaan sila, anong kanilang ginagawa??

    Tao Po! Tambay lang hehehe

  • kat

    just wanna know po kung paano ako magiging member ng akomismo?? at saan po ako makkakuha ng tag na yon? pa email naman po sakin pls

  • Good initiative ! I just hope that people not only talk but also do. I think the key here is not having to do anything Grand… but rather its a cumulation of small things that make up the big things.

    Aoteroa Bloggers last blog post..Ceasefire for a day for Pacquiao

  • jacqui

    hi,Ka Edong!i want 2 know more about this campaign AKOMISMO?as soon as i watched the add po s t.v. during commercials naging interesado po agad ako s mgandang mensahe…pano po b maging member at makakuha ng AKOMISMO dog tag?sna po ay ibahagi nyo din sken…thanks

  • it’s time the filipino people to make a history.in the world to tell the world we are unite .ka edong our campain its will make the filipino will be god fear ” in politics”.. i will support the akomismo advocacy ..

  • patience

    just wanna know how to be a member n get that dog tag….i wanna be a part of this one…. we should be the one to take actions…its about time for us to do our part….we should not wait on what our country can do for us but take actions on what we can do for it…right? it’s what they always say….
    nice tv ad…. it really gives an inspiring message…

  • robert

    im interested dun s ad nyo na ako mismo..
    is it an organization that we need to register..
    what does it mean.
    how could i be of help…
    pareho b ito ng campaign ni daniel razon n isang araw..
    un, its easy to understand…

  • ka ed, san po b mabibili and dig tag po ..i will proud to wear than.like francism
    shirts po

  • 7signs


    I would love to have a AKOMISMO dog tag since the symbol represents the Filipo Flag and I want to REPRESENT also our country by having one of it. Please let me know how to have a AKOMISMO dog tag plsssss. Thanks!Proud to be Pinoy!

  • roger b

    sir ed
    want to know how would be a member of the organazation and what are the requirements tnx and god bles..

  • i made my small, but hopefully significant Ako Mismo step:

    would love to have a dog tag too! cheers!

    mavers last blog post..MISMO!

  • charm

    i like the the message of the ad you made. we should be responsible for our country and if we want improvement it should start with “I”.. i hope people will realize what the message of this campaign is. lets stop blaming others and just do something to have a better country. thanks for the people who started this ad for making us realize what I must do what we must do…=)

  • animamundi

    i registered po last night, pero until now, wala pa rin akong natatanggap na activation/confirmation email… pano po yun?

    • isa ako s nakikiisa s organisasyong paras ikauunlad ng ating byan….

      sana dumami p ang taong natatauhan..

      akomismo ang gagawa ng alm kong ndi makakasira s ating bayang gngalawan..

      salamat s lahat ng gumgawa ng paraan upng mabago at umunlad ang bansang pilipinas

  • zhai

    gusto ko yung messsage na pinaparating na add ng ako mismo kasi… parang pinag bubuklod ang mga pilipino.. dapat tau ang mag simula at atu ang tumapos,, kaylangan mag kaisa lalo na ngayong panahon ng krisis sana mag kaisa taung lahat

    -zhai,16years old-

  • AKO MISMO ay tutulong sa mga taong nangangailangan ng aking tulong sa abot ng aking makakaya. AKO MISMO. IKAW? Ito ang role ko, ang role ng bawat isa sa atin, ipagmalaki natin ang ating bansang PILIPINAS.

  • sana pagpatuluy natin ang tapang ng mga filipino sa anong mang dinadanas nating trahedya at mga kalamidad problema eto prn mga filipino bumabangon patuluy na lalaban at pinagmamalaki na tyo ay tunay na filipino..tnxs akomismo more power..MUCHLOVE…ONELOVE!

  • pano po makakakuha ng akomismo dog tag???tnxz

  • isabelle

    A WARNING to all those that signed up with AKO MISMO!

    You are now part of SMART telecoms network for potential campaigns in 2010.

    The amount of information they have asked is so detailed that they can track you down to your zip code and contact you any time. In all my years of signing up for information I have never had a site require so much information AS REQUIRED FIELDS.

    This makes for a perfect voter mapping database and campaign tool for anyone that wants to pay SMART for the information.

    Did you think SMART would pay MILLIONS in production and advertising and talent costs for nothing?

    If you refer to their privacy policy that no one ever reads, it states:

    AKO MISMO MAY use the personal information you provide to:
    • Contact you – either in response to a query or suggestion, or to mail newsletters, documents, publications, etc.
    • “Remember” your online profile and preferences;
    • Help you quickly find information that is relevant to you based on your interests, and help us create site contents most relevant to you;

    In other words the can PUSH information to you which is an important tool in making sure that you can receive even unwanted campaign messages.

    • Undertake statistical analysis.

    They can use your answers to this PUSH for other mapping and trending purposes.

    They also wash their hands of any person “accidentally” cracking the site and getting all your info. If you read privacy policy, again, which no one reads:

    AKO MISMO shall not be liable under any circumstances for damages resulting from unauthorized use of information collected from visitors to the site.

    AKO MISMO may change this privacy policy to reflect changes in the way we collect visitor information.

    As a final warning, their privacy policy claims that you can still access this site even if you do not sign up (again from the privacy policy page):

    What if I don’t want to provide personal information?
    Providing personal information on the AKO MISMO web site is optional. If you choose not to provide personal information, you can still browse and use the AKO MISMO site, but you will not be able to carry out certain actions.

    This is not true. None of the pages are viewable unless you have signed in. This is already a sure sign that their intent is to make you sign up and not just to make you a part of a youth reform activity.

    A friendly piece of advice: Go back to the site and change your details please change all the details that pertain to AGE, SEX, and, LOCATION.

    Also change your phone number if you like. This is to protect your privacy.

    And remember you are still holding on to your pledge of participation in making our country great and they promise not to bar you from accessing the site even if you change your details so you will lose nothing but you will take back your security.

    Please pass to all the people you know who may have signed up.

    Ingat lang tayo po sa mga ganito.


  • pilopatjamesara medina

    what ever this campaign means… even there’s a political agenda or conspiracy, ako, sa sarili ko alm ko ang tama at mali,,, as long as this campaign will be a good outlet for me to say and do what i know is right di ako magdadalawang isip na ipagpatuloy… mula pa noong pinanganak ako alam ko na ang pagmamahal sa bayan!!! kaya kung ano man ang balak nila o gusto nilang palabasin sa ads na ito eh to HELL WITH THEM KUNG HINDI SILA TOTOO! BASTA SA SARILI KO TOTOO AKO AT DI NILA HAWAK ANG ALAM KO NA MGA BAGAY NA MASASABI KO NA MAKATUTULONG UPANG MAGPAPAUNLAD SA SARILI KO, SA KAPWA NATIN, SA KOMUNIDAD NATIN, SA BAYAN NATIN!

  • Sana nga tuparin nyo ang mga pinagsasabi niyo!
    Pero merong mga taong mahilig manggulo, sila mismo ang sisira ng campaign na ito.


  • @ isabelle, thanks for posting.

    I agree on the technical concerns.
    Salamat sa nagsulat at binigyan niya ng tamang balanse ng warning AT pag-suporta sa *prinsipyo* ng akomismo:
    “And remember you are still holding on to your pledge of participation in making our country great”

    Sa lahat,
    Salamat sa inyong mga comments.
    Aksyunan natin ang sarili nating mga pinaninindigan.

    ka edong

  • ex-taste

    first hindi ko pinapansin yung commercial ng AKO MISMO. But when my spouse say that “panoorin mo yung commercial and understand the message” maganda pala yung gustong iparating ng message.. specially sa mga kabataan.Sayang at wala na ang MASTER RAPPER na csi MR.FRANCIS MAGALONA,for sure isa sya sa cast ng commercial dahil makabayan din sya. And syempre na intriga rin me sa DOGTAG kaya agad akong sumali sa org.. pls. post how to get that DOGTAG.. Sana hindi tayo maunahan ng mga namimirata sa pag suot ng pekeng DOGTAG ng AKO MISO..Cause marami na akong nakikitang nagbebenta sa mga bangketa ng pekeng dogtag na may phil.flag at hindi malayong magaya nila ang dogtag ng AKO MISMO tnx LONG LIVE to all supporter of AKO MISMO…

  • naniniwala ako sa adhikain ng AKO MISMO!
    ngunit nakakabahala din ang puntong sinabi ni isabelle about voters mapping…
    hihingi po sana ako ng permiso na mabigyang babala rin ang iba pa…nais ko po sanang ilakip ang kumento niya sa blog entry na gagawin ko tungkol sa AKO MISMO. Salamat po:D

    Deths last blog post..B.A.S.U.R.A.

  • proxy uno

    i want that dog tag also
    kasama sa commercial c maxene magalona ako ay isang sundalo ng makatang si sir francis ‘kiko’ magalona
    gusto kong mapabilang sa org na to

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  • i want ako mismo dog tag i have already signed up and i already made a pledge. where can i get ako mismo dog tag? i hope my pledge could help 🙂

  • good commercial na alala ko dyan si francis m. FILIPINO!

  • nakakainis naman yung iba na puro kalokohan ang inilalagay na pledge..newey, naghahanap din ako ng tip kung paano makakuha ng dogtag..parang di kasi kumpleto eh pag wala nun..

    jeremiahs last blog post..one step, enough for me..

  • vengieta

    wag na tayong umasa pa sa namamahal sa ating bansa ngayon,dahil wala ring mangyayari..
    bakit hindi tayo kumilos magsikap tayo,magkaisa patungo sa hinaharap.

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  • ..Changes should start within ourselves..The fundamental step to this must come from every person who completely believes that changes can really be achieved…

  • benj

    i really want to have that dog tag!………how will i join in this org??.

  • This is actually one of the best ways to give hope for the Filipino people who had been in the labyrinth of a hopeless life..I just really hope that whatever plans for changes we are on, this should be for the betterment of our country..I am in full-support to this advocacy..It is indeed time for us to wake up now..

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  • xmpre,ndi mwa2la ung taong ngdu2da kung anu nga b yang ako mismo!!

    pero sana makiisa k nlng,,kya nla pnopost ung mga ganyan pra mlaman ng mga tao n mei ganto png org,

    ska,,iba n kc mga tao ngaun,,ndi nla mla2man hnggat ndi nla nki2ta,,
    aus b?…
    dhil,ang iniicp ng mrami ngaun ayy ang kumita ng pera,,kya wla n clang oras s mga gnyang bgay,,
    kya nman cguro pnlbas ng ako mismo yang ad nila,,hehe
    tnx ganda ng akomismo,,labit!!!!

  • teresa

    i really love it. Sana maunawaan ng mga pinoy ang tunay na mensahe nito. Let’s start moving.. Make a difference. PINOY AKO! and i’m proud of it. Ang mahalin at ipagmalaki ang Pilipinas ang pinakauna kong magagawa. ..astig. ang galing nung nakaisip. Thank you!!!!

  • Michael Vincent J.Garcia

    Ako mismo tama yan sa atin dapat magsimula ng pagbabago at wala nang sisihan kung sino ang mali o tama, tayo mismo ang manguna sa pagbabago and let others follow. Ako MISMO ang manguna para sa pamilya ko at sa Baby ko… Pinoy ako!!! at ano pa ang gaganda duon… Mabutay tayong lahat!!!!!!

  • ChiVA

    SAn po b pwede mgavail nung ako mismo dogtagS?
    guS2 ko p0 tlaga nun eh

  • My conditional support lies in some technicalities and lack of disclosure


  • Precios Joy

    Para sa akin AKO MISMO means a big things kasi that means everything will start for you or own our own. Before you can help other you should know your self first. Sa sarili mo muna.Kapag alam mo na yung responsibilidad mo sa sarili mo, sa pamilya mo, sa kapwa at sa bansa mo.Malamang pwede mo ng sabihin AKO MISMO.Dahil IKAW MISMO alam mo na ang kaya mong gawin. Gusto ko talaga sumali dito sa mapagbigyan niyo ko. Susuporta ako sa org na to. AKO MISMO segurado yan…

  • i want the dog tag too! please leave a message sa blog ko kung alam niyo na san available un ha. 🙂

    lacars last blog post..*NEW PHOTOS*

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  • looks like Edu Manzano is the one behind this Ako Mismo campaign (http://www.pep.ph/news/21556/Edu-Manzano-spearheads-Ako-Mismo-movement/1/1)

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  • Nice! I also registered!! It’s wonderful that there are movements like this one to encourage unity among us by starting to do something for our country in our own little ways! 🙂

    HOMERs last blog post..AKO MISMO

  • yen_yen

    aun, at first i thought that this was a political campaign for someone behind it but no matter what it is, i love the concept or idea of the advertisement. it tells Filipinos to wake up and start the changes with themselves. We are not living to blame life’s miseries to other people. Every Filipino has a role para sa muing pagbangon ng bayan..
    As it was said in the ad “AKOMISMO”, tayo mismo ang kikilos at di ang basta aasa sa iba para umunlad.
    “Lets start, let’s move, let’s act!!!”

  • Leo

    akomismo = dog tag?
    personally, i’m also skeptic with this new campaign. let’s wait and see how this campaign progresses in the coming days.

  • .,ako mismO!!! aKo mismo magsisikaP, di na akO aaSa sa iBa,. biLang piLipiNo, aKo misMo sa SariLa q,paPakita q na kaYa q aNg kaYa mo…
    kaYa ikAw miSmo sa saRiLi mo daPat gaNun ka diN.. jUst do it!!!, kUng gs2 mo aqNg tULaraN, “aKo miSmo” jOin ka dito…

  • gnew

    whyere can i get the dog tags?how much?pls let me know,i really want to have that…tnx and more power…

  • Ammiel

    If you change the world also changes..


    i want those dog tags..

  • Ingrid

    i guess it doesn’t really matter if this is a part of a political campaign or not…
    and i feel quite irritated to those people who joins the movement for the sake of the dog tags..
    so what if it has a hidden motive,
    let’s look at ourselves, are we actually doing something for the betterment of our country?
    why do some still practice apathy…this is the main point of AKOMISMO, to awaken people, to make people aware, to tell people that we can do something!

  • Arnelius

    You should change yourself first before other.

  • iyalyn

    I am very suprise of this campaign..i thought it was all about a politician making publicity. But no! its all about Filipinos who wanted to start change for our country… I want to be part of AKOMISMO campaign!!


  • yopituk

    actually madami na tayong website tulad ng akomismo.org, meron ding yabangpinoy saka bitaw, at madami pang iba na magpapataas ng pagiging pinoy natin…

  • dennis

    where can i get the dog tags of akomismo?plss help,,,

  • JohnM.C.

    I really dont know kung ano talaga ang main goal nitong org na to,but i hope na sana malaking tulong ito para sating lahat at sa bansa.

  • realitee

    what is ako mismo without the big stars and endorsers?
    what is ako mismo without the dogtags?
    what is its vision and mission for it to last in the long run?
    go figure.

  • jeremiah

    Ang ganda ng ad ng Ako Mismo very inspiring for us Filipinos. I want to know where i could buy the dog tag na “AKO MISMO”? I’m a trainer for human and organizational development training and i want to wear it proud while conducting a seminar. Please inform me where to buy it. Thanks

  • bernadeth

    i want to get a dog tags i lyk your akomismo dog tags..

  • mr gemini

    ako at tayo mismo ang unang may hakbang para sa pag unlad ng ating bansa. kaya atin ng simulan!!

  • san b nakakakuha ng ganong dog tags? hnd ako makakita ng mga ganon s mga mall pano b magkakaroon non?

  • kheng

    Ako Mismo ang galing no sana lang lahat tayo magawa natin ang tama sa mga tao na puro kuwento ok lng un? Basta kaya natin to mga pilipino kaya tayo.ang saya diba gusto ko din dog tags san kami makakakuha un ganda kc pinoy na pinoy ang datin eh.

  • bicol ako

    to who should it be concern
    to people just wanna be part
    dis ain’t a fashion to join
    a cause should be seen

  • hjm

    where to buy dog taag

  • allan

    ano talaga ang real vision ng add na yan?

  • I blogged about this too. 😀
    Kahit dissenting opinon i-li-link mo din? Hehe.


    reyjrs last blog post..Ako Mismo

  • Para kayong mga utu-utong aso, mga bobo kayong lahat. Dog-tag na lang ba at t-shirt ang pamantayan ng nationalism at pagbabago ngayon?

  • realyn ortega

    ,,when i first saw ur ad i was intrigue,,then i was moved by the message ur ad wants to tell the filipino people,, tama kau,we should unite and do our share in helping our country a better place to live,, WE HAVE TO DO IT NOW!!! mabuhay ang may akda ng movement nato! pls reply as to how i can have those nice dog tag! TCA!

  • Exequel P. Abad Santos

    The “Ako Mismo” television campaign has stirred once again up the patriotism of the Filipinos! The message is simple — desperate change for national survival anchored personal initiative! I am against those comments made on national TV that “Ako Mismo” is politicized, and it only caters to the personal agenda of the organizers. This is advocacy for developing the spirit of change within us. I like how each celebrity has posed the challenge of change for national progress!

    Mabuhay and mga Filipino!
    Ako mismo ay hangad ang kaunlaran sa ating bansang Pilipinas!

    Exequel P. Abad Santos
    Angeles City,Pampanga

  • jeorge panganiban

    Ako mismo ay tutulong sa pagbantay ng ating kalikasan.

  • jeorge panganiban

    akomismo ay tutulong magbantay ng ating kalikasan.

  • The ad was really interesting. Though I’m just a Filipino Youth, it had struck me a lot. We Filipinos have roles in our very own country, not just the politicians or any other related groups but All. As one, As a Filipino Citizen. I want to be a member of this organization. And btw, may I personally know where can I buy the “Ako Mismo” Dog tag? Thanks! 🙂

  • cheng

    Mganda ung message ng add…, Timing din sa nalalapit na election and sa mga ngyayari sa ating bansa… I want to be a member of this org….m, how can i join?

  • cheng

    The add is so cool and interesting. The message is very simple yet very meaningful… it’s very timing for the up-coming election and for everything that is happening in our country nowadays…. I want to join to this org.., how can i join?

  • janice

    ako mismo ang gagawa ng paraan pra baguhin ang bayang ito sa sariling paraan,,,bilang isang Pilipino taas noo akong tutulong sa sinilangang bayan…pra sa ating watawat..pra sa atin..ako mismo!

  • alam kong malaking problema sa ating lipunan ang kahirapan, sapagkat ito ay nangyayari gawa ng malawakang corruption dito sa sarili nating lipunan.kaya nga natutuwa akong malaman na may maga natitira pang organisasyon na tulad nitong AKO MISMO sahil hindi ibang tao ang makakatulong sa atin kung hindi natin uumpisahan sa atin mga sarili. kaya AKO MISMO ang kikilos para maisakatuparan ko ang aking mga ashikain bilang isang mamamayang PILIPINO… tulonh tulong tayong kumilos at lumaban tungo sa isang magandang lipunan.

  • jonathan

    kailangan n natin mg kaisa pra s bayan natin, ang malaking pg ba2go at s darating n panaho habang hindi p huli ang lahat. ako mismo tutulong sa bayan natin isa ako Ofw!!! smile philippines

  • ako mismo ang mag uumpisang hindi mag pabili ng boto sa darating na election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This the time For the Philippines To Shine Its Real beauties……Let are All suffort the ako mismo>………at pasisimulan ko ito sa sarili ko…….AKO MISMO

  • ako mismo ang tutulong para sa pagbabago,!!

    wer can i get tyhat dogtag,.???

  • join me pls

  • pno po sumali? tnx

  • antoine

    i think ganda ng points mo, but this is one way how to use the media into good use to advance what is already good in us – the power of persuasion plus creativity and a good psychology, backed up by a good set of values. Nandyan na rin ang possibility na may hidden agenda pero kung i-compare mo naman sa mga presidential campaign ads na lantaran ang mga agenda, na pilit namang ginagawang hidden – you see, the AKO MISMO ad is more positive. with real risks and impure motivations possible – will we stop believing in the possible goodness just because of the evil possibilities? thank you and keep on being critical.

  • siddruss

    AKO MISMO gagawa ng pagbabago. Sasama sa iisang adhikain na totoong pagbabago..

  • bernadette

    my sisters and i want to know wat is ako mismo all about, but we also want to know where can we get the ako mismo dog-tag? the ad was great and it is interesting to know more about it.

  • jerry

    sana marami mag comment para malaman opinion nila to red by others para mapag aralan magkaroon ng generalization sa bawat comment nila.

  • mr.manguisoc

    ako mismo as in ako yung tuldok na magpapasimula sa pagbabago sa ating bansa.

  • jessica

    dapat tayong lahat ay nagtutulungan para umunlad ang bayan ako ay isang studyante[kulasa] at gusto kong tumulong upang makabangon tayo sa hirap

  • ronald olmedo

    ako gagawa ng mabuti para sa bayan q.

    bilang isang mamamayan..

    tutulong para sa kabutihan ng bansa.

    ronald olmedo ng

  • im proud to be a filipino thats why im joining akomismo.org i also want that dogtag i will wear it everyday please teach me how to get a dogtag. mabuhay ang pinas….

  • ako mismo ang tutulong sa buong mundo
    ako mismo tutulong sayo
    ako mismo ang tutulong sa magulang ko

  • nestor parilla

    gusto kung maging member paano ba, gusto korin mag karoon nang iyong dog tag na ako mismo paano ba?

  • nica

    yay^^ i would really want to have that dog tag…

    other than that im pretty thrilled with this campaign..

    just makes us really realize that now we are responsible for lives other that ours…

    feels like im standing on something bigger than myslef^^.


  • mia

    AKO MISMO ipapaunawa ko sa lahat ng tao sa mundo ang tunay na kahalagahan ng mga babae…i want to be a member of this org.and proudly wear “ako mismo” dog tag..how will i get that?

  • allan

    papaano maging isang kasapi ng kilusan ito?

  • nico

    alam kong lahat tayong mga pilipino ay nangangarap na umunlad ang ating bansa. maging ako ay nangangarap din kahit ako’y isang estudyante dahil kami rin ay naapektuhan. ang daming nangyayaring kababalaghan dito sa ating bansa at ni isa walang kumikilos sa ating mga lider dito sa ating bansa, kaya oras na para buksan natin ang ating isipan, wag na tayong maging mang-mang. kaya AKO MISMO, ang magiging modelo sa mga kabataan sa pamamagitan ng pagtulong-tulong nating mga pilipino na isulong ang ating mga karapatan at magtulungan din tayo sa pagpili sa karapat dapat na lider ng ating bansa ng hindi na tayo makaranas ng ganitong pamumuhay. at AKO MISMO ang kikilos para maabot ko ang aking adhikain at mga karapatan bilang isang mamamayang pilipino.

    *nico, from merville pasay city,.*

  • Sherwin

    AKO MISMO ay sasapi sa samahang ito!!. At i Pag mamalaki ko na suot ko ang dog tag!!! Sapagka’t ako’y Pilipino!!!

  • lei

    join po ako…

    Wer cud i get those dog tags???

  • Mel

    AKO MISMO DOG TAG DAY on June 12 at the Fort concert grounds in Taguig. All you have to do is buy a dog tag at the entrance of the concert venue, and it will already serve as your ID and ticket to all the activities and concert from afternoon to night.
    By July, dog tags will be made available in our partner distribution outlets nationwide for P40. Again, proceeds will go towards socio-civic and charity works that AKO MISMO is supporting.

    More info at

    Sana makapapunta ako.. hehe

    PS: Walang info kung magkano ang dogtag/ticket on a AKO MISMO DOG TAG DAY concert. I still waiting for the reply. Sana P40 din hehe..

  • AKO MISMO sisimulan ko sa aking sarili ang mga adhikain ko para sa bayan.At ng maibahagi ko ito sa pamilya,kaibigan,kakilala at kapwa ko PINOY.

  • Ronnie Josol

    This campaign is broad & its not only for Politics, but for all of us Filipino as a whole, for us to be a responsible Filipino Citizen.

    As a Christian;
    an active mountaineer;
    a government employee &;
    responsible voter,

    AKO MISMO ang tutulong sa kapwa Pilipino;
    AKO MISMO ang responsable na pangalagaan ang inang kalikasan;
    AKO MISMO ang magtataguyod ng “MAMAMAYAN MUNA, HINDI MAMAYA NA” at;
    AKO MISMO ang pipili ng tama at tapat na kandidato na maglilingkod sa bayan, hindi ko ipagbilbili ang boto ko.

  • Ronnie Josol

    Ka Edong, pls inform me if available na dito ang Dog Tag sa General Santos City at what particular mall, or SM Davao available na ba. Tnx a lot!

  • Ryu

    Sa kasalukuyan, isa akong tagapamuno ng isang grupo sa aking bayan. Sisimilan kong maging mabuting halimbawa sa aking mga kasama (karamihan sa kanila ay mga kabataan). “EDUKASYON”..maging isa sa mga prayoridad ng sambayanang Pilipino.

  • Calvin

    AstiG ng Dog Tag Where can I get that?

  • ..aNg ganda ng campaign nyo! more powers!

  • Joyce Agurilla

    when I first saw this on the commercial,. I felt a strange feeling that I want to be a part of this organization. hopefully soon..I’m so excited to touch the lives of many peoples and to make a better change…

  • AKO MISMO hindi ako gagamit ng ilegal na droga na maaaring makasama sa buhay at kalusugan ko

  • Ric

    hey edwin!

    long time no see, man!

    good to see you’re blog is doing great!

    keep up the campaign about akomismo. i am believer, pre! the reason why i haven’t chosen to leave the philippines. maybe this will start a snowball.


    Rics last blog post..June Trade # 8 – BUY GBP/USD

  • ako mismo handa sumali sa campain na i2 mahal ko ng ating bayan mahal ko ang mga pinoy paano po b sumali gusto ko 2mulong at mglingkod sa ating bayan ms mdmi tyo m22lungan kung mgsa2ma sama tyo im proud to be a filipino

  • ryan

    hi ehe akomismo ang mangu2na pra mapanatili ang kaayusan sa aming lugar ehe at akomismo ang kikilos…. mga kabataan aral kau mabuti tayomismo ang pag asa ng bayan…. Godbless us.

  • paano po ako makakakuha ng akomismo dog tags..
    gusto q poh tlga…

  • alden miraflor

    di ko na kailangan pang sumali dito dahil alam ko sa sarili ko na ako mismo ay isangdaang porsyentong Pilipino

  • nicoy

    ako mismo gagaya sa mga kabataan my takot sa dyos

  • reymark

    ako po mismo ang magpapabago ng bayan natin ^^

    `,i want that dog tag p0h . .

    `,wher i can get that thanks po .. more power. .

  • aaron

    AKO MISMO ang mangunguna sa amin sa pagkuntra sa con-ass.

  • aaron

    panu makakakuha ng dog tag

  • roswell eisen

    ako ay bagong empleyado ng judikatura… at isang mag aaral ng BATAS, ako mismo ang magsisimula sa sarili ko sa pagbabgo sa justice system ng pinas. At hanggang ako ay maging ganap na abogado, pananatilihin at papalaganapin ko ang aking nasimulan.. Ang maliit na bagay, pagpinagsama sama ay lalaki….At naniniwala ako na ang batas ay ginawa para sa mga mahihirap at inaapi….

  • AKO MISMO! when i first hear this word, it makes me think what is this word allabout i visit ako mismo website and search, what is the porpose of this org. then i probobbly saw this statement( ako mismo ay isamg samahan na kung saan ikaw mismo ang kayang makapagbago ng iyong bayang sinilangan)this is only a briefing of the statement so i probobbly register and join becouse i know AKO MISMO ang kayang makapag pabago at makapag bigay ng bagong simula sa aking naka gisnang bayan HINDI lang AKO kundi TAYO ang makapagpapasimula ng PAGBABAGO.

  • gilbert bernal

    i want a dog tag of ako mismo pwede??

  • Glenn

    Mr. author, pwd po b mlman qng panu kayo nagsubmit ng pledgE?, ung mga pledge ko kasi ayaw magpakita eh

  • cloude

    sir..mula ng lumabas ang add ng akomismo.org, naging intereado n ako sa org. na 2..i want to be a member of this org also, but how? about sa dog tag if ever makadalo dog tag celebration, where i can buy this the dog tag?tnx…

  • ako mismo,, iiwas s masamang bisyo at aalamin ang karapatan ng bawat pilipino..(peace)

  • ngayon na ang panahon para patunayan nating mga kabataan na tayo ang pag -asa ng bayan..kelangan nating bantayan ang bawat boto sa 2010 election!This will be the first thing na pede nating gawin for the future genarations..Kahit ito lang mapakita natinna mahal natin ang Pilipinas..isang tamang pagboto mo at pagtulong malaki na ang maiaambag mo sa bansa…

  • gotliberica?

    sa mga isyu na kinakaharap ng gobyerno patungkol sa kaban ng bayan na kanilang ninakaw,nakalimutan nyo nba ang zte?ang pondo na ginamit sa libro para sa pambublikong paaralan?
    sa mga proyekto na nakabinbin pero bayad na ang mga gagawa?at sa patuloy na plano ng pangulo na baguhin ang sistema ng gobyerno sa pamamaraang pansirili(parliamentary)personal na interest.
    sana ay mas lalo pa tayo maging listo sa mga usapin at maging matalino sa mga desisyon na ating gagawin lalo na at malapit na naman ang eleksyon. salamat sa ako mismo.eto na ngayon ang magiging bagong boses ng pilipino

  • kC

    para baguhin ang buong bansa,
    dapat simulan natin sa pinaka simple,

    iyon ay simulan ang pagbabago sa ating sarili,
    matuto na tayong MAKINIG, buksan ang isipan,..
    dalawa lang ‘to sa mga simpling bagay na magagawa natin sa mga asarili natin!

  • kramref

    its so nice to join this org. but the problem is how to join?its so nice to be part of its

  • jm

    how about your members here in many province , how can we afford the dog tag?, cvan we order it, and send via lbc,, the shipping payment will be pay including the 40 pesos, via bank transfer,,thanks more power to us

  • jm


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  • how do i place my pledge sa site? i already registered and about to (hopefully!) get my dog tag.

  • i want to have your dog tag how can i have it? im from san ramon dinalupihan bataan…

  • joy

    ……hello poh…….sa totoo lng sana mphiya n ang mga kurakot at gahaman ngayon sa pulitika………pero tnong ko lng poh ang ambulance poh ba ng goverment ay pwedeng gmitin sa pag taya ng lotto??????d2 poh sa batanggas un my plate # n SJD 111……..ky mayor vilma santos……..salamat poh

  • arick

    san poh makakakuha ng ako mismo dogtags???

  • saan po ba makakabili ng ako mismo dogtag? :(( pls sabihin nyo na po :((

  • Rod

    @ salakot
    tingin ko ikaw kaibigan ang ignorante
    bakit mo pinagsama ang pilosopo sa ignorante
    alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng pilosopiya kaibigan..

    yan ang dahilan kung bakit madaling nauuto
    mga Pinoy, dahil sa kakulangan sa angkop at tamang edukasyon o pilosopiya..

    yun lang..at bakit nawala ang reply doon ni awtomatik sa post ni salakot..ang mga mali dapat itinatama..dahil grabe ang politika sa bansa natin, matindi ang gamitan..
    kapag hindi kritiko mag-isip–maguguyo ka ng wala kang malay..

  • Rojan

    hi…. saan ako makaka bili ng ako mismo dog tag? yung dito sa pampanga… pls txt me where… 09217172450…



  • ayen

    im selling my ako mismo dogtag. if ur interested you can reach me at ym: cowboybatoo@yahoo.com

  • angel

    ka edong ! 🙂
    how can i get th ako mismo dogtag? please inform me. i really want to be a part of ako mismo. thanks. 🙂

  • marino

    pano ba sumali d2?
    pa email nbmn tnx

  • kramyer

    ako mismo

  • kramyer


  • kiko

    hi im kiko do you want 2 buy a dog tag i am one of da dealer of “ako mismo dog tag”??? 4 only 60 pesos if u want more info txt me at 09234225397 or e-mail me at fmforte22 tnx hope 2 be ur my customer…

    god bless

  • bernadettesalagoste

    Pls need your help for my son diagnosed with Acute Leukemia,he is just 2 years old baby, Iam looking anybody who can help us for his chemotherapy .Pls help us .

    Bernadette Salagoste

  • Dave Tabaniag

    Ako mismo ang magtataguyod at magiging tinig ng kabataang Pilipino, lalo na ang mga may-kapansanan at out-of-school youth. Ako rin mismo ang mamumuno sa pagtutol at pagtuligsa sa Charter Change, BNPP, at human rights abuses.

  • Noel

    Ako mismo..Bilang isang mamayang Pilipino, gagawa ako ng ikabubuti ng ating bansa..Ipagmalaki ko ang Gawang Pilipino..maging isang huwaran Pilipino sa ating mga kababayan hindi lng d2 s Ating bansa kundi sa ibang bansa rin ng kung saan libo libo mamayan natin ay nsa ibang bansa, Be proud to be a Filipino..

  • lhedz

    pasali puh s ako mismo. . . at gs2 q dn puh ng blog tag

  • freedoM

    balita ko po may dogtag day din this month of july. pde po ba malaman kung kailan yun?
    nahihirapan kc ako mkaconnect sa akomismo.org
    pls po pkisend na lng poh sa emali ko ung date kung kailan po ulit magaganap ung next dogtag day.. thanks!

  • nomer delfin

    ako mismo gagawa ng mabuti sa kapwa pra sa magandang kinabukasan ng ating bansa!!!

  • jhon louie

    ,,,pano poh vah sumali sa ako mismo,,,gus2 qoh kasing sumali ehh,,,

  • Sandman

    i think the message is clear lets do our part to our country and to our countryman whatever agenda this campaign has….kailangan na nating kumilos lalong lalo na mga kabataan..and this campaign has a big help para mapukaw ang damdamin nating mga mamayan na pinatatahimik ng ilang mag taong walang inisip kundi ang pansarili lamang…sa lahat ng larangan sa buhay natin wag tayong patalo sa mga mapansamantala…kaya nating bauhin ang sistema ito nga lang ay magmumula sa ating sarili…”Ako Mismo” “Sa atin mismo”

  • pano po sumali sa ako mismo????mag regester po sana ako

  • Ako Mismo…

  • ako mismo ang g2wa ng mbuti pra s lhat
    .-= vanz´s last blog ..Google Android Phone Demo: HTC Magic =-.

  • Ako mismo

  • mark

    hindo ko trip c kris tiu ang yabang..wala nman xang papel sa ako mismo..yabang nya..

  • grAze’

    _akO mismO_
    ..d’ msg of this campaign is cLear as pUified water..right?!..hehehe..
    ..so we have to do our part as individual because it start to our self first. right.
    we have to discipline our self first.
    we have to respect others,to gain respect too.
    etc… en d’ rest is w/ ours.
    ..and we have to do our part as a group so we can aim what we want to aim for.freedom!ect..
    ..we, as a people of this state,
    have to be united as one.
    ..so khit ano pman na Ako Mismo ang ssbhin
    ntin,we have to justify it, and prove it to
    the world that we can do kung ano pman ang
    sinabi ntin as a contribution to the AKO MISMO
    ..so let d’ world know that we,
    as a PILIPINO are UNITED as ONE.



    -marami png maggwa pra s country ntin.
    have FAITH and don’t lose HOPE.

    (ang haba ba?..enxa)

  • mhar

    hello..panu po b maging member ng ako mismo..tska gusto ko na rin bumili ng ako mismo dog tags..san po b??

  • super awesome ang launching ng ako mismo sa cam.sur! all the participants was enjoyed and awakened!!

  • ..its so nice and over whelm na pwede na nating ibahagi ang sarili nating pananaw at opinyon.. by building up other people, AKO MISMO ang magpapahalaga at rerespeto sa kapwa ko.. walang papanigang nakakaangat o may kaya sa buhay..
    ..AKO MISMO, tutulong kahit sa maliit na paraang kaya ko sa mga batang nasa lansangan.
    ..AKO MISMO, gagawa ng paraan para mabigyan ng pansin ang mga matatandang pinababayaan na lang..
    ..we can be us one, building up one another
    walang dayaan, patas ang labanan

    ..AKO MISMO, IKAW MISMO, TAYO MISMO ang makakapagpaunlad ng ating bansa..
    keep faith to God!!!!

  • Justin Geda

    pano mag sign-up sa ako mismo?

  • selling authentic ako mismo dog tags. those interested may email me at dogtags4sale@yahoo.com

  • Melita C. Carlos

    Do you have a way of screening the people who wants to be a member of “AKO Mismo”. Are they really dedicated in doing the objective of the “AKO Mismo” or they are only for the dog tag. At present, alam mo naman ang ibang tao (in general) Kung ano ang uso sumasakay sila.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    SMBPC Creative Art Class

  • Melita C. Carlos

    How do I sign-up and my students.

    The SMBPC Creative YOUTH CLUB. They have started doing changes for our community.
    They are under the supervision and guidance of the Psalm 23 Creative Art Class.
    Project Goal:

    1. To inculcate in the minds of kids and teens the Filipino Values.
    2. To help child develop their hidden talent & skill.
    3. To inculcate in their minds the value of having a teamwork.
    4. To learn, play and have fun.
    5. To impart to them that some used items(newspaper, plastic cups) can be re-cycled and converted to an art.
    6. To help them become a good citizen of the country through proper guidance.

    I want them to be a part of the AKo Mismo and have a ‘AKO MISMO” dogtag.


  • jayvee ang

    ako mismo susunod sa alituntunin ng ating bansa, magiging mabuting halimbawa sa ibang tao, di gagawa ng masamang gawain na makaksira sa ating lipunan

  • jeffry jornales

    ako mismo ang magmamahal sa sarili kong bansa n may pagmamlaki at may prinsipyo higit sa lhat ay may takot sa diyos na susunod din sa alituntunin ng kapwa tao ko>

    at gagwin ko ang batas pantao na walang natatapakang iba>

    thnx and more power to all ako mismo member. sa lahat ng taong may prisipyo ipagmalaki ntin ang sarili nating bansa at pagkatao saludo ako sa iyong lahat.
    at sana laht tyo ay magkaisa sa iisang adhikain. imulat ntin ang atimg isipan thnx po more power ako mismo!!!!!!!!!!

  • maricel tumalad

    ako mismo gagamit ng po at opo…..

  • Aurel

    ako mismo ang magiging halimbawa para sa mga kabataan at hikayatin ang mga kabataang magaral ng mabuti para sa ikauunlad ng ating bayan at para narin maiwas sa ipinagbabawal na droga gagawin ko lahat para sa kapakanan ng ating bansa at mamahalin ko ang ating bansa.

  • kelly L. Villanueva

    ako mismo…… ang mag tuturo sa mga pamangkin ko na maging magalang sa lahat ng nakakatanda sa kanila……… more power to us………..

  • alyssa ;))

    …how can i get ako mismo dog tag? ;))

    brewater ;))

  • Bilang responsableng kabatan at


    Ito na ang hudyat ng simula ng lahat..

    Umpisahan na ang pagbabago sa sistemang

    di kanais nais..

    Tayo mismo ang gumalaw alang alang sa

    mga taong nagbuwis ng kanilang mga

    buhay at adhikain para sa ating bansa..

    Huwag nating hayaan maging mas malalim

    ang sakit o kanser ng ating lipunan..

    Kailangan na ng reporma sa ating


    Magising tayo sa katotohanan na ang

    pamahalaan ay tuloy tuloy sa

    paglugmok at pagbasak..

    MAG-KAISA tayo para sa pagbabago..

    para kay TITA CORY..

    Halina’t sumama sa isang matinding


  • alma guico

    akomismo ipangtutuloy ko ang pag gawa ng maganda bagay para sa atin bansa

  • dha-dha

    Vote wisely!
    Examine each candidates, wag magpapadala sa ganda ng ads or commercials.. be a keen observer.

  • mr.manguisoc(jerrymendozapereyra

    dapat may sapat na kaalaman sa mga tatakbo ngayon.. kailangan kilalanin natin sila from top to bottom.

  • mr.manguisoc(jerrymendozapereyra

    sa mga tatakbon politiko. pagandahin natin yun dalawa kindergarten sa barangay manguisoc sa bayan ng mercedes..para po ganahan ang mga bata na mag aral.. kunting halaga lang po yun.. para naman po maramdaman namin na mahal nyo nga ang bayan kahit di pa man kayo naihahalal. salamat po.

  • joan

    nakakalungkot isipin na ang mga ilang members ng AKO MISMO ay hindi alam kuna para saan ba talaga ang panawagang ito

  • jonathan pereyra(manguisoc)

    election is coming..alam ko na ang gagawin ko..
    i’m ready…

  • ka edong,

    …maganda ang adhikain ng AKO MISMO at akoy sumsangayon sa inyo,kung nais natin na mabalik pa sa mapa ng mundo at igalang ng ibang bansa ang ating bayan, we should choose a lider that his heart was truly commited to the Lord first and second to our beloved country..one of the presidentialbles said, and I quote: “This world is too poor to buy my conviction and principles for truth,justice and righteousness”,this man i believed has the heart of david to defeat Goliath of corruption on our society.GOD BLESS US ALL ON COMING ELECTION!

  • bhea casabuena

    …. kung cnu man ang mananalo sa halalan pls lang,,, bgyan nyo ng halaga ang mga tao sa pilipinas at ang bansang pilipinas

  • jeff

    on May 10,2010 ang brgy. bayabas from cagayan de oro ay hindi masyadong nakakaintindi sa automated election, kc marami ang nag didiskorso na mali ang kanilang pagpapamalakad sa pag vote….at nag request na ibalik na lang ang mano manong botohan…….

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