Create your own Friendster Status!

by Ka Edong on June 25, 2008


There’s so much to discover about your friends through Friendster. I remember our high school reunion last year. One of our friends was sooooo updated with the whereabout, whatabouts, howabouts and whyabouts of our old classmates. And do you know how he stays up-to-date? Through Friendster, of course!

I’m not much of a Friendster person. But I’ve come up with something that we just might be able to SELL to Friendster. Mwahahaha! 😀

Create your own Friendster Status!

We all know the current Friendster Statuses (Stati?):

  • Single
  • In a Relationship
  • Domestic Partner
  • Married
  • It’s complicated TM

It was interesting how Friendster trademarked the “It’s complicated” phrase. Could they really get a trademark for that?

Well, I have a friend, Lanie, who could not place herself in any of the above statuses.

Here’s what Lanie would use if she could create her own Friendster status:

  • In Denial TM

Isn’t that sooooo true! So many people walk this earth and they are In Denial TM

Question: If YOU could create your own Friendster Status, what would it be?

ka edong
Soaring High TM


  • Redge D.

    i want to change my friendster status to “Bitter”. Do you know anyone who knows how to create a customized friendster status?

  • hai…pwde pahinge ng # m0?txt u nlng poh kmi ito # ko 09195721894 tnx

  • jewel carillo

    pano ba gumawa ng sarili kong friendster? kasi di ko ma verify ung dati kong friendster…..

  • jewel carillo

    cno po you vincent? ako ba kausap mo?

  • ewan ko bah????

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