iLoad – Load Vendo Machine

by Ka Edong on June 29, 2006

There’s a vendo machine at the Shaw Blvd MRT station that allows users to load any pre-paid cellphone.

They call the vending machine “iLoad”. It’s has a touch screen, full-color monitor. It has a slot to accept paper bills and coins, similar to the vendo coke machines. I’m not sure if it dispenses change, but it probably does.

For inquiries, contact .

For questions with academic purpose, contact:

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I tried out the vending machine, and it’s rather intuitive. You select the type of cellphone load you need (Smart, Globe, Sun), select the amount, enter the cellphone number of the recipient.

After entering the cellphone number, there’s a little delay. I initially got the impression the system verifies whether the cellphone number exists or whether it matches the prepaid card chosen. But after entering a couple of random cellphone numbers, I’m rather convinced that there’s no verification involved at this stage.

After getting the cellphone load info, the machine asks for your money. I don’t own a pre-paid cellphone. So I never really tried entering any money. But the paper bill slot is very similar to those in softdrink vendo machines.

What can we do with these vendo machines? How can they be improved?

First thing that comes to mind: these machines could be extended to load G-Cash or Smart Money. This gives m-commerce an additional way of bringing in m-cuurency into the mobile commerce network.

There is maintenance involved for these machines. Somebody needs to retrieve the cash in these machines every so often.

Nice gadget to have. I’m sure it can make the revenues needed to keep it running. But nothing spectacular yet. Let’s see how this vendo machine will evolve. I’m looking forward to this vendo machine catering to many more pre-paid products in the future.

For inquiries, contact .

For questions with academic purpose, contact:

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  • that was exactly the concept of my first thesis proposal few years back… A touch screen, computer connects to a server that has a database of pin numbers (hindi pa ata uso autoload nun), and prints the e-pins on paper, etc.

    our professor rejected it…

    “mahal touchscreen… mahal sensor to accept paper bills… kaya nyo bang i-program yan sa visual?? eh comp eng’g kayo.. mahal program license ng visual… kaya nyo ba tapusin in 6 months? yada yada yada pweh!”

    So my friend and I ended up with a cheap mpu-based portable massage vest. hahahaha!

  • kaibigang jepoy!

    What’s “mpu-based” ?
    kumusta businesses mo?

  • iLoad Machines

    Thank you for using the Iload we are the owners of the machines. We are currently upgrading the system to accept Gcash, Smart money, and other prepaid cards. We value your comments and suggestions.We are rolling it out with 3 major retail chains. Thank you.

  • Goodluck! Hope it serves the needs of the market!

  • francis

    how much cause of vendo machine?

  • hi francis. Do you mean *cost* of vendo machine? try contacting iLoad machines (sent you their email address).

  • Hi ka edong,
    thanks for sending us information regarding the inquiry.We just want to know who francis is and how we can be of service. thank you gain

  • Bobby Ang

    does ILoad Philippines have a website? I’m very interested in this technology.

  • andy thadani

    hi just wanna know if i can be a part of the iload vendo machine business,n how much is the cost. pls send details. 09183462626 pls txt me ur contract no 4 details

  • try contacting:

  • bienvenido bron

    hello im jhay
    gusto ko mag aply pero hindi ko alam kung paano ang income dito? send nyo naman ako something na ma understand ko

  • bienvenido, goodluck! when you contact, balitaan mo ako kung na-intindihan mo ang offer nila. 😉

  • Jehrald T. Bancoro

    pwede po ba pakibigyan nyo po ako ng kopya ng mga thesis na related about text vendo machine?.. malapit na po kase yun defense nmen sa thesis nmen eh.. salamat po

  • Don Garcia

    Hi ka Edong,

    This is iloadmachines, can we send you updated pictures of the screen shots you took so it can replace the old screens?So when we are asked questions we can share the correct photos. Would that be ok with you?


  • Hi Don.

    Let’s do it this way.

    Go ahead and make a hyperlink from the comments section of technobiography pointing to the new photos.

    I don’t see any reason to take down historical photos.


    ka edong

  • bicol

    oiii ganda yan magkano po inabot?

  • Hindi ako bumili.
    Try mo icontact ang
    Diyos Mabalos!

    ka edong

  • Islander

    Be a retailer of Wimax and you will be able to load all network without using other sim!!!
    FOR ONLY 100P

    Guys, ok ba itong business na to?
    Check nyo po sa
    Gusto ko kasi malaman kung ok to…
    Salamat po…

  • jeffry

    can you send me some back ground of the study of vendo machine,

  • joy


  • Kung kaya mong isipin, kaya mong gawin!
    If you can conceive it, you can achieve it!



  • monchit

    hi im a comp. eng’g student, could you please send me the list of the materials that has been used in iLoad… we are looking forward to create with alike thesis but we want to know first how much are we going to spend if we continue our proposal… please email it to me and we’ll very much appreciate it… thank’s… (

  • jerald

    hi, gud day,im very much interested that loading machine, pls send me the details at my e mail address luxury_jerald@yahoo.comor u may contact me at 09183526915, tnxs

  • jerald

    hi, gud day,im very much interested that loading machine, pls send me the details at my e mail address or u may contact me at 09183526915, tnxs

  • dave

    im a sti comp. engineering and currently taking my the iload machine a Computer based or MCU(microcontroller unit) based?pls answer my question

  • kay monchit, jerald, dave,

    try contacting , see if they can help you with your questions.

    ka edong

  • hi! we’re doing a thesis and ung iload is related study na pwde naming magamit…
    gusto q sanamg makahingi a detail kung paano nagawa at mga requirements sa paggawa nian…
    i hope you can help me..
    online aq everyday so checheck q lagi kung mayreply kana, mejo rush na kc gnwgawa namin eh..
    any1 na pwdng makatulong.. sana send nio sa e-mail q..

  • ian

    pwede po bang paki send ung pwede maging thesis for vendo machine… or topic na pwedeng maging thesis ECE student po ako

  • jet

    we made a vendo machine like this.. we named it Electronic loading vendo machine.. that is for our design project.. mgnda nman cia.. we spend almost 50K for that project.. hay.. kso knkabahan ako sa defense nmin this coming march 28,08..
    we tried nman ung iload sa my shopwise sa cubao.. oo touchscreen cia pero hndi cia ngbabarya.. so you need to insert an exact amout pra mkapagpaload.. my cancel button sa program but hndi cia ngcacancel.. instead, hndi nya ibabalik ung pera mo if u will cancel it.. super sensitive ung sensor sa bill acceptor which is one of its disadvantage.. touchscreen lng cia..
    ung gnwa nmin, ngcchange at hndi ganu ksensitive.. un nga lng it cant detect if the bill u will insert is athenticated or not.. kc mahal ung sensor n kayang mgsimulate.. it costs 99K.. student plang kmi kya un lng nkayanan nmin.. hehe… ok nman project nmin.. we use wimax for our access in loading 3 different network.. sun, smart and globe..thnx wimax..!! nwey.. hndi lng ang grupo nmin ang gmawa nun,, i mean my consultant kmi kc hndi nman kmi pmilyar sa mga pyesang ggmitin eh.. kung cnu man my mga project n gnto, try to search PCUM.. i dnt have its cntact # eh..un lng po..

  • cute

    gusto namin yang maging project for thesis,, ka edong help us naman plz.. thanks

  • dave

    ung thesis namin ay similar sa iloadmachines….
    kung sino po pede tumulong sakin pede po send a mail to my email add.
    sna tulongan nyo kmi…

  • Hi Cute, Dave,

    All the info i have about this machine is on this page. Goodluck!

    ka edong

  • cute

    ka edong,

    what do u mean by that?? please help us,,

  • cute


    wat pala title ng thesis nyo??

  • dave

    to cute

    automated load dispenser…

    wat email add u?para me communication tayo…

    hrp ng tesis!!!lalo na pag la pera

  • hjy


  • coe-iv-a

    wala na po b iba pwd gawn thesis hehehe!…..need namin design proposal

  • darius

    how much po ba yung iload vendo machine pwede po bang paki send naman sa email add ko marami pong salamat

  • joy dimapindan

    i have a vending machine for hot nad cold drinks and i’m interested with this vendo machine. kindly send complete details at thanks

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  • JLigones

    Hi everybody,

    Just surfing the web and surprised to see this article. I am the one who designed, developed and built this machine (iLoad) from its software, hardware, and down to the physical enclosure. The iLoad was actually the second machine of it’s kind. The first was made by my company, Intellimedia, for Smart about five years ago. It was deployed in a couple of it’s telco centers and only dispensed PINs since there was no eloading at the time. The iLoad was was a shift from PINs to over the air loading. Too bad that my “partner” (see above) decided that he would have a go at it on his own and tried to use my copyrighted software (infringement case ready to be filed). He hired a programmer to try and reverse engineer the software but probably just decided to change the screens (but still used parts my original screens) and rebranded the machine as “uLoad” (with a smiley u). Sheesh, he even claimed to have invented it. Anyway, I have gone and improved the system some more with most of the enhancements happening behind the scenes to improve the reliability and operability of the machine. The enclosure has also been slimmed down (which “partner” above copied by going to my fabricator). If anybody has questions for academic purposes, let me know. You can email me at And Jet, that iLoad machine you saw in Cubao, can you give me a description of the machine?

  • this was exactly what i am thinking of having. i dont know anyone who can help me have and construct this. Is there anyone who wants to construct it for me and i’ll take care of the expenses.

    I understand that there is no available means communicating with iload.

  • JLigones

    Hi Quela,

    Email me at and let’s discuss your plans.

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  • kumag

    hi dave im POGI, xe ung thesis namen ni kaw at jed.. autoload dispenser din… parehas tayo meron n kong alm bout jan sa thesis naten nd for sure matututlungan kita… ehehehe gudluck saten feeling ko d nmn nten keilangan yang tulong nyan ni ka edong,, parang ang yabang kala mu kung cnung imbentor,, 4 xure kumakain parin yan ng lupa hanggang ngaun!!! pagnagkita kmi nyan 4 xure panis yang kutong yan…. hehehe pis!!! ka edong n hampaslupa!!!!!!!!!! ulol ka!!

  • Ibang tao talaga, walang magawa sa buhay. tsk tsk tsk.

  • dave

    to JLigones:

    im a frequent viewer of these page since we started our thesis…and its quite similar to the iloadmachine the difference is its a Microcontroller based and not a Personal computer based one.

    i would like to know where can we avail of the bill validator that the iloadmachine and smart telecom is using…i realy need to know in order to finish our thesis..and how much will it cost us…

    thank you…

  • dave

    ka edong ano ba minamanufacture nung industry nirefer mo sakin??

  • Vlad

    i would like to place a text link on your blag. can u pls get back and we can talk more about.

    thank you

    ps: sorry for posting it here, but wasn’t found any email address.

  • dave

    hir my email

  • Joyce

    hey! Sa gumagawa ng iload machine..kelangan ko sana makausap kayo kase interesado ako…pls email me at

    Gusto ko kase nyan!

  • Jovet

    ka edong,

    need help lang po..

    information po about sa iLoad..

    para po sa project namin..

    need po asap..

  • Jovet

    ka edong,

    need help lang po..

    information po about sa iLoad..

    para po sa project namin..

    need po asap..

    e-mail ko po –


  • Rolly

    Hi sir, I’m a college student and want to know how to construct e-loading vendo machine.. Can you help me please???? Pm me @

  • reinell

    I have made another one pero nasa US PTO pa at nasa RP Patent office pa ung innovated Vending machine for eload. Kaso smart lang ang ginamit ko kasi naka tie up ako sa kanila. 25 THOUSAND PESOS lang ang total expense namin. Texas instruments ang ginamit naming microcontroller at assembly programming. Ilalabas namin sa market once na nagrant na fullt ang patent namin..

  • Ryan

    ahm.. could anyone pls help us on our thesis?.. we have problem regarding bill validator.. are there any product available locally?.. how much will it cost?.. please enlighten us about the product..

    tnx guys..

  • pnu poh nilo2adan ung eload machine??

  • anu poh bang program ang ginagmit ng eload vending machine?? assembly??java??anu poh??? pki send nmn s email ko..slamt po..

  • ska pkoh..anu poh b un?de batterya poh b un??oh kuryente??pki send nmn poh s email ko..marmi p poh kc akong tnong. marming slamt…….

  • sammy

    jhay-ar taga san ka ba?

  • Hi hi!

    students po kami from Cebu, and we’re proposing to have some of these machines in our school.

    pwede patulong sa study namin?? we sent you an e-mail na.:)

    thank u so much!!

    Denises last blog post..Free Cellphone Charging at NAIA

  • Joy

    bale isa ito s iproproposed nmin to eh,
    S mga nkgawa n nito pwede psend nman ng literature ng project…?
    may nkgawa n nito s school nmin kso PC based sya,
    ggwin nmin eh microcontroller based…
    pls guys, send nman any related literature about this project..thanks!!


    hi po??? this vendo machine is very interesting…kaso may ilang bagay akong di maintindihan masyado eh… ano ba ang kinicater ng machine na ‘to? ano yung talagang itsura nya? i mean the prototype…can you help me? i need further explanation… we’re doing almost same project po kasi… vendo machine na card ang magiging pang trigger sa halip na coin… Probably…may program sya… thanks! If you don’t mind..kindly send the informations at my #…09092231507. Thanks again! God bless!


    hindi ko na po kasi mababasa ang ibang comments dahil very limited lang ang time namin…


    oh sorry! i misunderstood the project… ang samin po kasi, parang vendo coke machine sya..kaso sa halip na coin nga yung gagamitin, we make it a card…which function like a load card… may load yung card and then yun yung gagamitin mo para makapagdispense… bawat bili mo ng product nababawasan yung load mo..obviously may balance inquiry sya! Microelectronics ang balak naming gamitin… can you help us.. patulong naman kami sa mechanical part…thanks!

  • hydi

    ka edong ask ko lang po kung ano yung mga hardware n ginamit dyan sa iload vendo machine..kukuha lang po kmi ng idea..salamat

  • ka edong ask ko lang po kung anu ano yung mga ginamit na hardware sa iload vendo machine na ginawa nyo at kung magkano po yung mga yon?kc po kukuha lang po ako ng idea para dun sa thesis namin..tnx po

    ka edong

  • marvin

    There are 2 was to build this prepaid loading machine, 1) is using a simple pc with cellphone to send the customer data, the cellphone number and load to the network provider; or 2) a pc with internet connection and sending the data to an online prepaid loading gateway. I think its very doable with VB. Im not sure about the money scanner though. you will have to accept coins and paper money.




    hi. patulong naman po sa thesis, same concept kaso vendo carger lang po sya by using fingerprint security, if may idea po kau about dat, i will be a great help po smen. salamat..

  • dennis yu del tripolante


  • dennis yu del tripolante


  • Enrique Miguel Tan

    March 26, 2009

    The Management
    Phone Card Vendo Machine


    PHONE CARD VENDO MACHINE STATION is very much ideal in my location.

    We are looking into a joint venture arrangement with your company we have an ideal space for this type of business.

    Our location is 804-806 CM Recto Avenue corner Quezon Blvd, Sampaloc Manila.

    If you are interested to our proposition feel free to see our location for your evaluation.

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    Enrique Tan

  • cbm

    ka edong
    please send us a quotation regarding tissue vendo machine . or can you email your contact number para sa negotiation ng product nyo?how much po vendo ng tissue paper? thanks

  • Dennis

    magkano yun iload machine nyo? gusto ko sana magkauha ng isa lang iload machine sa business ko..

  • Dennis Urot

    gusto ko kumuha ng vendo machine nyo sa iload, pero hindi nyo pa ako sinagot sa tanon ko, call me if u wanna be my business partner 09226861063.. taga cebu ako.. im dennis, im intersted to your iload vendo machine.. sana masagot na ninyo ako nito.. salamat

  • shelley

    hi! Just went to the franchise expo at smx.I saw a similar concept there,is this the same company?If not, how much is the cost for the machine and the system? Interested ako to have this as a business.Please e-mail me the details.please…please…please….

  • joseph

    I am interested in your iLoad vendo machine, do you accept franchising? how much?
    I am really interested in this business, perhaps can you please send me more details about this matter. also, a contact number. here’s my number by the way, you can reach me here. 09275259586, (02)961-15-75. thank you and hoping for a reply.

    Agustin, Joseph Anthony V.

  • jun

    ka edong my documentation kb nug iload machine?.
    at my alam kb n my finish product ni2?.. pls bka my pede aq kuntakin…..

  • android

    pd op humingi ng tulong…bigyan nyo po kmi ng title proposal para sa the sis namin,kasi hira p kami mg- isip yong software lang po..3 pamagat po…hintay q reply…hehe

  • pwede b kmi mnghingi ng possible topic for feasib.??
    khit po suggestions lang..
    dugo n po utak nmin ehh.. defense n s dec.. hehe.. thanks!!! God bless..

  • Zarje

    Gud day po.
    Ask ko lng f san po may available na bill acceptor d2 s Pilipinas. At magkano po. Pls po pkisagot. Need lang po namin 4 our thesis.
    And if ok lng po, pwd po mkakuha ng info about iLoad. Tnx po. Eto po eadd ko.
    need ko po ng answers asap. Pls po.

  • xexrxrxoxlx

    ask ko lng po kung san pwedeng mkbili ng coin acceptor, bill detector, at coin changer.. Thanks po!

  • Sky_K!n9

    how much did you spent on doing that project?

  • braindope

    hi niasip namin tong gawing thesis proposal pasend namn po ng files regarding this vendo machine bka pwede nming i enhance please thanks

  • vinz

    puede ko po bang hiramn for my business proposal in school?
    just an proposal lng po im an info tech 3rd yr … in our subject Technoprenuership

  • m jane nman poh for our thesis..phingi nman poh ng copy of related lit ng system similarity poh ksi s thesis nmin…thnx

  • lino

    hi ask ko lng po dun sa vendo machine.. my thesis kc about texting machince..gusto ko lng po mkita ung abstract nio sa project..pls email me about sa info..

  • plecdiuns

    Hi. gagawin din po namin yang thesis na yan pwede bang makahingi ng konting impormasyon sa pag gawa. salamat po.

  • business_engine

    I think kung loading lang pag uusapan mas maganda kung iavail nyo eto…. may business ka pa…!!!/

  • I’m aware of this previously, nevertheless there have been some beneficial pieces which concluded the image for me, thanks for your time!

  • Joan Ehlayne Gabia

    sir tanunng ko lang po kung may marerecommend kau na mabibilhan ng bill acceptor na tumatanggap ng 20-1000 peso bill.para po sa thesis purposes.salamat po.

  • rozl

    sir i would like to have soft copy of the full article about this machine

    for our thesis. .

  • hi gusto ko sana mag avail ng eload apaano ba yan . at mag kano ang babayaran? thanks

  • I’m interested on the machine. may I know your website para malaman ko pa ang ibang details regarding this machine. thanks my cp no. 09213612201.

  • jhunmar

    pwd maka help din kasi ito rin gamit namin pro nakikita namin na mas maganda gamitin ang V-mobile na load kasi one CP nd one Sim lang gamitin to load all network,,,pwd me asks ideas

  • jhunmar

    pwd patulong ng program and interfacing nito plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  • fay

    i want toinvest, pls help me, thank you.

  • Lesly furio

    I want to invest please let me know all the details.. Thank you

  • aldwin comiso

    pwede po malaman kung pano mag invest??

  • pls send me details on this.hpw much and where can we avail of it.
    thank you
    God Bless

  • mon

    I would like to have this type of machine. How much am I suppose to invest? Please send me details.

  • arnel ginez

    pls help me how to get one,tnx

  • Claudio B. San Jaun Jr.

    How much to invest and how please notify me through email or text o9204862786

  • pls patulong naman po…Feasibility study kse nmin itong business nio…patulong nman about sa paggawa at mpagmonitor ng Iload vending Machine…dont worrie its just a For study lang….pero blak q tlgang mgfranchise nitong business na ito.. magkanu bng mgafranchise… panu kapag imomonitor q n ito. ASAP responce.

  • Justin

    I want to invest please let me know all the details.. Thank you

  • jim almeda


    i just want to ask how much would be the investment of this kind of vending machine business.
    im interested to take part of this.
    who would maintain this machine if the problem will occur?
    i am from surigao city it is possible ba to put it up here.
    coz theres no eload vending machine here yet!.
    hope you will keep in touch with me
    here is my email ad:
    thanks and more power.
    i will wait for your reply.. thanks!

  • any one here who wanted an eLoading business, you check UniLOAD provides a one sim load all business.

  • Jan Lyndon Abellana

    Good day!
    We are having our design project this semester and our group decided to make a “not-so-close” replica of this stand al0ne prototype. We humbly ask for some “help” and recommendations regarding the

  • Jan Lyndon Abellana

    Good day!
    We are having our design project this semester and our group decided to make a “not-so-close” replica of this stand al0ne prototype. We humbly ask for some “help” and recommendations regarding the making of this efficient innovation.
    Thank you and God bless.
    Here is my email address:

  • g bagui

    hello we are interested in availing this iload vendo machine can you help us we can avail this and where and how much?thank you!
    please need your reply this is my email and my mobile number 09997265273 and 09324203862
    thank you and god bless….

  • You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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  • justin

    i want to invest.. can you send me the details

  • emerson r larua

    i want to invest in this business can u sent me a detail of this business im from calamba laguna……this is my cp number 09058924161

  • yanyan

    goodevening! i’m planning to get loading machine. further details please? thank you!

  • saan po ba makabili ng machine na yan

  • Kyle

    Who invented the iLoad machine and when was this invented? I need the info for my thesis. Thank you! 🙂

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  • belen

    good morning i am interested with this business pls send me the details

  • del

    pls may i know how much the iload vendo machine? pm me at 09354415754. tnx

  • Rose

    hello po…available pa ba ito? I heard magsasara na ang uload dhil sa issue sa local telcos…if avail pa po, kindly inform us, para makapag-franchise kami. thanks

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