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by Ka Edong on February 1, 2010

Dear friends, 

When I began Technobiography in 2004, I just wanted to write about technology and how it affects my life. 

So much has changed since 2004. And it’s time for me to make a change and take this blog to the next level. I have decided to tighten the theme of my blog around the niche of How to Make Money with Mobile. 

Mobile Millionaire - Make Money with Mobile

Mobile Millionaire - Make Money with Mobile

I reached this decision at the Maven Secrets Program by Anton Diaz, especially with the inspiration of Kid blogger Carl Ocab (Make Money Online with a 13 year old kid blogger). When I met Carl, I half kidding when I declared “When I grow up, I want to become like Carl Ocab”.  :-) 

Thus, begins my transition from Technobiography to www.MobileMillionaire.Net . 

Mobile Millionaire – Make Money with Mobile 

Mobile Millionaire about helping people Make Money with Mobile. I’ll be writing about many ways of using the mobile phone to earn money, including 

  • selling airtime load
  • mobile advertising
  • having a cellphone service
  • creating an application or game
  • mobile commerce
  • or even doing business with the help of mobile.

Many of these topics are not new to me. For instance, I’ve been writing a lot about mobile commerce in the past 5 years. There are so mechanisms for making money with mobile. I’d like to help my readers discover the many ways to make money with mobile.   

But more than making money, I also want to talk about Creating Wealth with Mobile. 

True wealth goes beyond money. In a seminar called PSI (People Synergistically Involved), I learned that True Wealth is what we have that cannot be destroyed nor diminished without our permission. True wealth includes our knowledge, our skills, our talents, our network of friends and much more that we have inside of us. 

Creating Wealth with Mobile means enhancing our knowledge, our skills, our talents or maintaining our connection with our network of friends. Thus, I will also be talking about how to use the mobile to 

  • gain knowledge, skills or talents through mobile ebooks, audio books, applications or the mobile web
  • nurture connections with our friends through mobile web or a plethora of applications

Through articles on this blog Mobile Millionaire, I aim to help my readers Make Money with Mobile and Create Wealth with Mobile. 

Help me help you 🙂 . Let’s make this world a better place. 

ka edong
Mobile Millionaire


  • Arvin Paolo Grindulo

    How can I earn money using my mobile phone?? Tnx.. 🙂

    • Hi Arvin,
      More articles on how to make money with mobile coming soon. Soon! 😉

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