My First Sony Experience is with my brother’s Sony Walkman DJ-ing and carolling!

by Ka Edong on November 27, 2008

My First Sony Experience is with my brother’s Sony Walkman DJ-ing and carolling.
(Read all the way to the end, I have an early Christmas gift for you!)

Christmas 1980 – The Sony Walkman Walks into our lives

It was Christmas, around 1981 which places me at around 6 years old in Baguio, in flannel pajamas waking up all aglow with the gifts under the Christmas tree! My parents had come back from the US after attending a conference there. They had lots of pasalubongs for us, but they reserved the best gifts for Christmas!

In the morning, when me and my siblings woke up, we each had a gift from, uhm… Santa Claus … right, that was his name! 😀

My sister got a desk clock,  my eldest brother got a radio, and my brother KEric got a Sony Walkman! Wahoo!!!!

(Should I even mention at all that what I got was a huge stuffed toy which my mom probably won at a theme park? We named him Hotdog, and Hotdog was NOT made by Sony).

Of course back then the walkman was the talk of the town! The silver walkman came with a leather casing that had a firm button (as in a silver button just like on our jackets) that was meant to be a quick release to let lose the casette playing beneath. The walkman had earphones that squeezed unto my tiny ears just right.

Back then, I think Kuya was playing some of the popular bands like the Air Supply. I remember “Various Artists” (akala ko nuon, band yun!) and I remember “The eye of the tiger!”.

Radio Edwin is in da howz!

We enjoyed playing with the walkman. At one point, my eldest brother KElm (who was studying in Manila that time) brought home a pair of speakers that he had assembled himself. It was made from speakers bought at Raon, with a box made out of … karton and painted black. The pair of speakers were the size of a half-gallon of icecream. We connected the speakers to the Sony Walkman and pretended to be DJ’s at the local radio station.

I would have fun during the afternoons alone at home. I would line up a series of songs in casettes (including “can you read my mind” — theme from superman) . Then, when I’m ready to play DJ using the Sony walkman and my brother’s home-made speakers, I would make a random telphone call. It was a heavy (heavy!) green rotary telephone back then.

When the other party answered the other telephone line, I would announce (with a 6-year-old kid’s dj voice, modulated as best as he can) that this was Edwin Radio and will be playing some songs for the lucky listener!

I’d play the music, change casettes in a split second and play more music. This would go on for around three songs afterwhich I would announce that Edwin Radio is signing off. If I were lucky, the person on the other telephone line would still be there, listening to this little boy playing songs on his walkman for a random person’s amusement … not to mention my extreme amusement at what I was doing.

Ah, fun times!

A Christmas Carol from my childhood captured in tape

My dad kept a copy of a tape that was recorded over (accidentally?!?! I doubt!) by yours truly.

Here’s a Christmas carol from me (the 6-year old me) to you (the 2008 you). (Go ahead, play it 😉 )

Permanent link to wav file: we wish you… .

Despite the old technology of 3 decades ago, despite the background noise, despite the years that have passed, I’m very thankful for my dad for having kept this little memorabilia of my childhood mischief — well, consider it traces of the tech-usiyosero in my childhood. Thanks to the technology that was that captured my childhood voice.

My brother’s Sony Walkman definitely gave significance in my early life as a Christmas caroller and the lives of my “Edwin Radio” listeners just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Cancelling technology.

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  • this is amusing! it would be better though if you have that walkman still functioning. 😀 hehe

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  • I enjoyed reading your story ka Edong.. ang sarap po talaga balikan ang mga happy childhood memories 🙂

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  • I really want to join ka edong but i changed my mind after reading your entry. why? i loose the chance of winning! hahaha joke lang po!

    Seriously gusto ko po talaga mag join, i can’t afford to buy the cam and the laptop so it’s my chance to own one if ever manalo po ako ^_^ But i doubt it kasi di po ako magaling na writer gaya nyo 🙂

  • astig ah.. may recorded voice ka pa nung bata ka pa 😀 whoa! galing ng tatay mo natago nya yung tape ^_^

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  • Edi

    Ha ha. Thats great. I wish I still had my walkman. What a great product backed by advantageous marketing.

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