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by Ka Edong on August 24, 2006

I had a chat with friend and colleague, Cody. It’s interesting how their company set-up a brilliant business-model for call center training.

In a nutshell:

Content: some purchased for a small fee from U.S. , some locally developed. Includes grammar, vocabulary, speech etc.
Media: On-line audio, video with automated evaluations (i.e. Tests)
Delivery method: Through Internet shops (100% computer-based training (CBT)) or through training centers (CBT + Instructor-Led)
Fees: P8,000-P12,000 depending on course
Duration: around 2-weeks at 4-hours per day (self-paced)
Certification: The training has a certificate recognized by callcenters. Cody’s company also handles placement for their graduates.
Number of graduates: Around 25 graduates per day.

Some notable features:

– Delivery through Internet shops. The Internet shop charges the trainee for computer usage and maximizes PC capacity (on-line training from 8am-12nn, gaming or Internet the rest of the day). The Internet shop also acts as tuition fee collection agent for Cody’s company.

Btw, this is the same idea I have about using Internet shops as a delivery medium for e-government services.

– Self-evaluation. I was wondering how speech is evaluated. First the students would read a sentence and record their voice. Second they listen to an audio clip that demonstrates the correct way of speaking the same sentence. Third, the students evaluate themselves on how well they spoke.

– Cody says their company can keep track of students who do well & those who perform poorly. They recommend graduates to prospect employers based on performance during the training.

– I like how the business model is scalable. They can accommodate additional trainees through any of the thousands of Internet shops around the country.

The business-model has been proven. Content and training can be systematically delivered via Internet shops around the country.

Now I wonder:
What other content can we deliver via Internet shops all-over the country?

Government services is one (paging Iandexter). How about distance learning? Degree programs? Livelihood workshops? Agriculture lessons ala-Gerry Geronimo?

It can be done.

Update (Aug 31, 2006): Visit www.qualit-e.com/ for details on Qualit-e’s On-line callcenter training and other services.  

ka edong


  • hi ka edong:

    thanks for the headup.

    content delivery through internet rental shops? my previous employer, PhilRice, is doing that.

    they have several projects in line: the open academy for philippine agriculture (online and distance learning, technical support through SMS); cybercities (delivery of services through wireless access to remote barangays); and cybervillage (knowledge collaboration and generation using IRRI’s rice knowledge bank).

    interesting stuff. i’d be missing them.

    in my new work, re: speech testing, we have an IVRS facility for it: you dial a number, take the test, and get evaluated by the software. the test results are posted on the website.

  • speech testing via phone. okay yun, a!

    haberday gab!

  • Talent wise, I believe we can put up MOST COURSES, formal or informal, degree or non-degree. And if I had it my way, it would be practically free. I’ve mentioned Moodle, the open-source Learning Management System in a comment before. I think it can be integrated with m-Learning too. Tis would be really FREE EDUCATION! Think what this can do for our country. Suddenly, we will be propelled to Globalization 3.0!

    What I need is a business plan, connections and funding (from ADB, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Gokongwei, Ayala and maybe Abe =)(Intl speaker na!). I’ve actually been wondering why no one (at least tomy knowledge) has initiated this….

  • It may be a good business but I’m concerned with the actual training, reinforcement and quality of graduates. Speech takes time to be learned especially for those who are not natural speakers of the English language. Self evaluations will not work and self evaluations will not guarantee commitment from the learner.

  • Hi Jun,
    why not look-up PESO http://web.mit.edu/peso/ , maybe they could help you find your Warren Buffet.

    Hi Jam,
    Prospect employers are able to tell which of the course graduates are good and which aren’t so good.

    Some students are already working in the call center industry and just want to improve their skills and earn another certification.

  • I still have to make the biz plan for the free elearning i am dreaming of. I frequent MIT Peso and follow its program. Am quite seious about it though I still have to find the time, resources , partners and connections.

  • Go for it, Jun!

  • irene flaviano

    hi, im planning to have a job in call center may i ask what would be the apllications needed?

  • See the sunday papers, jobs section ;-).

  • John

    how would i enroll?

  • visit http://www.qualit-e.com for details

  • Hello Dear
    I am pleased to be writing to you.

    This is Daniel Tsegaye from Ethiopia. I am marketing information specialist in newly organized commodity exchange market. I have Degree and taken different short term courses.

    This is my pleasure to learn from you if you give online free training courses. Please let me know the condition and I will tell you which course I need.

    I wish you a very nice time to you and your organization.

    Yours Daniel

  • i just wanna train myself online for preparing to work on a call-center this vacation to come.i’m a first year college student here in the Philippines and i’m taking up hotel and restaurant management.i just want to work to get an extra money.i hope you could help me.just e-mail me here on: levitrillanes@yahoo.com
    i’m longing for your help.thank you!
    it’s me levilyn trillanes.

  • try visiting a nearby Netopia internet cafe and inquire about their call center online trainings.

  • tyrellsage

    try to visit http://www.unilynxsys.com
    this site will answer your questions

  • i really want to be trained because i want to work in abroad.

  • perla j. ventura

    i am applying in a call center but i have no experience at all.i want to train myself online.please help me.
    thank you very much.

  • Visit a nearby Netopia internet cafe. Selected branches have online call center trainings.

    ka edong

  • don

    Your on-line training course for callcenter is very good. I wonder if you also have training courses for IELTS or basic elemntary english for aliens liky koreans ?
    Please give me more info, Thanks.

  • hi its jen i would like to try to apply and take a risk of your company but,I feel so scared and nervous coz somebody said its very terible job.its easy to learn the but in comes of enterview i think im faild…….well i will a take risk…


  • Edi

    WIth call center jobs it depends on your employer. Some are better than others, its really a craps shoot.

  • training is the first thing that you need to do if you want to compete in the world of call center, you need the right skills if you want to enter in this world.


  • english specialist

    it’s not the skills its the guts!

    and no thanks!

  • Who will accommodate the questions that cannot be answered by your online modules? Is there still human interaction involved, perhaps an online chat or a hotline that trainees could contact for questions?

    I was once a trainee and currently am a call center trainer. I know how important teaching, interacting, evaluating, and reviewing is.
    .-= Joanna´s last blog ..REMINISCENCE OF A KOREAN WAR VETERAN =-.

  • dear sir,

    i just want to ask, i applied from different call center company and i always passed all their written and hands-on examination. But when my turn comes for my final interview, i got failed(always). do you have any suggestion for me? I’m already 30 years old and its hard for me now to get a job, and i think only the call center company have consideration when it comes to age. do you have any free website where i can improve my diction and intonation? I am looking forward to your response..

    Sincerely yours,


  • Very nice post, Thanks! Just came across this meaningful quote and wish to share – “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” Wishing you a successful life with contentment and peace!

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