Out-of-this-world cellphone chargers

by Ka Edong on October 25, 2005

And then there’s this thesis which made use of a hamster running in a wheel to charge a cellphone.

A 16-year-old scholar in England just knew the three to four hours his hamster Simon spent each night in his exercise wheel had to be good for something other than keeping his sister awake. So as part of his coursework, the budding engineer attached a generator to the wheel and now gets 30 minutes of talk time for every two minutes Simon takes a spin.

Two minutes spinning converted to 30 minutes of talk time? Unbelievable! Too good to be true.

Why not let’s think up some cellphone charging techniques, and maybe those guys geeks at the EE departments of Philippine universities could put it together.

  • Potato-powered charger – from my elementary science book, I recall that potatos can generate some electricity. How about going to a grocery and buying a potato to charge your phone? How cool is that?! Even better, go to a fastfood chain and order a large fries to charge your phone.
  • Wind-powered charger – it has a propeller which you can strap to the head. Works better when you strap it to the head of your most “ma-hangin” officemate. Put that arrogant air to work.
  • Chant-powered charger – even hard-core aktibistas need cellphone charging. Why not put their voices into better use and generate some electricity from all their noise?
  • Treadmill-powered charger – this is like the hamster charger, except the charger is you, while you’re doing your treadmill, or maybe while you’re walking to your next meeting.

What’s your silly idea? C’mon, wipe that ngiting aso from your face and share!

ka edong


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