Spreadsheet collaboration via Google

by Ka Edong on July 4, 2006

My brother sent me some Google links the other day. One was Google Spreadsheets and one was Google Word (or Google document or similar) … Google Notebook.

We played around with Google spreadsheet. Quite nifty as a real-time collaborative tool. While we were both online, my brother and I got on a shared spreadsheet and started manipulating it. The updates we both made were visible to the other party (he in Indonesia, me in never never land) almost instantaneously (maybe with 1-5 seconds delay).

First we just entered text. Later, we were using the spreadsheet for figures and computations.

Later in another separate meeting, it occurred to me how the spreadsheet could be useful for work collaboration.

Me and my meeting participants had to do online tasks simultanesously from our respective computers. Then I’d ask them for their results and type them on my database of results. If we agreed to use Google Spreadsheet, each meeting participant could update his/her own share of the spreadsheet and everybody else would see the updates as they happen.

Just one of the ways to use this collaborative tool called Google Spreadsheets.

In essence, Google spreadsheet and Google document is allowing netizens to share, edit real-time or asynchronous (not at the same time), and collaborate. It used to be easy sharing information. Now it’s easier to process not just information but more meaningful databases, more meaningful knowledge.

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