Google Base

by Ka Edong on December 2, 2005

I first read about Google Base on Pinoy.Tech.Blog. I couldn’t figure out the service name – the first thing that came to mind was BASE jumping (parachuting from Buildings, Antennas, S-Something, E-Ewan nalimutan ko na).

I found out just now that the “Base” in Google Base comes from “Database“.

So Google Base is a service that lets anyone upload practically anything to a publicly searchable database. Uhm, don’t we already have something like that called The Web?

I have yet to see Google Base in action. They say it’s like Craigslist (a classified ads page) or eBay.

I’ll have to wait until I’m back on Earth to check out Google Base.

ka edong
11600 meters above


  • where is that place 11600 above earth???

  • hi wilson. I was on a plane when I wrote this article, moblogging on Brosia, my Smartphone. 😉

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