by Ka Edong on October 18, 2005

I have this grey, hard plastic attache-case-style folder bag. Some people get fooled by the looks of this folder bag of mine.

Just like last night when I had a meeting. My colleague wanted to give me softcopies of some documents. He handed me his iPod with its USB cable and gave me a go ahead to copy files from his iPod unto my laptop.

“Ha! You’ve been fooled!”, I almost said. He thought my grey folder-bag was a laptop.

La-laptop-laptop-an lang pala. Ü

– ka edong


  • Hehe. Delikado yan. Baka may magtangka sa buhay mo sa pag-aakalang laptop nga yan. 😉

    That’s why I prefer to keep my laptop in an inconspicuous backpack.

  • ‘ba! sila ang mag-ingat sa akin! baka kagatin ko sila, grrrraaarrr! 😉

    Pero malinaw sa akin, ‘di ko ipag-lalaban ang cellphone/laptop kapalit ng buhay.

    Life’s precious.

    ka edong

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