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by Ka Edong on May 24, 2008

Got this through the mail. I am amazed at how technology has advanced so much. Simply Amazing! Simply Amusing!
Btw, Not for kids…


I found a site to locate a selected mobile number… Especially of the important persons in your life or “SICK” co-workers… For whatever reason you want to track someone…

Enter nyo na lang yung site or just click the link…

Pls just keep it hush hush… So as to avoid bandwith overload sa website…

Happy hunting!!!



ka edong

Incoming search terms:


  • wombat

    Ka Edong…bakit may lumabas na ano,”kakaiba”? Hala…

    BTW, hello to your kuya eric!

  • Nada

  • Abram Abesamis

    lang hiya ka! alam ko n yn! it’s a fake! lol!

  • Nilesh N Ramanuj

    i want to selected no.last digit 233230
    my cell no.9879353282

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