Lola kills the gameboy addict

by Ka Edong on August 22, 2006

The grandmother killed the gamer-boy addict in her 11-year-old grandson.

Now grandson, Buloy, is undergoing rehabilitation – an exorcism of sorts – to drive away the gaming addict from this young boy’s mind and body.

Little boy Buloy’s gaming addiction was so bad that he was cutting classes, skipping meals & lying to his grandma. “Normal” you say?

Here’s the clincher: Buloy steals money to feed his gaming addiction.

The gaming addiction was so bad, Lola stopped sending Buloy to school.

It was that bad. Stop school, clean up the addiction.

I wonder if Buloy has withdrawal symptoms (does he play Sudoku or crossword puzzles now?). They should get Buloy into sports or martial arts or chess. Will he get healed for real? Or is he just waiting to get back to his gaming self?

I wonder how hard-core gamers would react to this story. Paging Erwin Oliva and his bretheren ü …

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  • I actually saw a handheld electronic Sudoku puzzle at Natl Bookstore. Did not have the time to try it though.

    Do you know any mobile apps programmers? I think we can make a killing if we “sell” a sudoku game.

    Just some reasons to get more addicted to Sudoku.

  • Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition already has Sudoku.

  • jun, migs,

    wait till i show you my spiffy sudoku handheld!

  • jun

    I hope you don’t hurt your pinky playing sudoku =)

    Kindly check my thoughts about educational mobile gaming. . I think this is a niche Filipinos can really excel in. Aside from Anino Mobile, do you have info on mobile game developers and freelancers?

  • i’m getting headaches with sudoku! 😀

    honga, there should be more education gaming. I encountered a freelance mobile games developer nuon … pero di ko na ma-alala where to get his contacts.

    will drop you a note kung sakali

  • Jun,


    Alex Calero
    Performance Animation
    Game Development

  • ka edong, how can I get in touch with the lola?

  • hey erwin, hope the contact i forwarded is helpful.

  • Nice!

  • interesting

  • Nice!

  • Cool…

  • interesting

  • interesting

  • Cool.

  • Nice

  • Sorry 🙁

  • Cool…

  • Cool!

  • kris

    ka edong,
    how are we going to get in touch with the lola , we’re doing a study on online games addiction

    thank you

  • Sorry, cannot give her contacts by virtue of doctor-patient confidentiality.

    btw, this may interest you:

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