OT: Namesakes

by Ka Edong on December 6, 2005

I have namesakes. Should be expected, mine is a generic name.

After encountering problems with getting an NBI clearance, I went home to my mom and complained:

Why did you choose such a common name for me, ma?

Mom replied,

We were thinking of naming you Segusmundo or Procopio…

Namesake list

So here’s a parade of my namesakes with a short story each

  • Edwin Soriano the airport police – the source of my clearance inconveniences. He and other airport police detained a man then left the man in an interrogation room. The man was later found dead in the room, made to look as if he committed suicide.
  • Edwin Soriano the Electrical Engineer – In 1997, I hadn’t taken my Electrical Engineering board exam. But my tita congratulated me for passing the board! My name was on the list of board passers! Ah, I have a namesake and he is an Electrical Engineer like me. Coincidence? Or the works of an alien life form?
  • Edwin Soriano the World Bank employee – I found this out when the World Bank was processing a plane ticket for me to go to South Africa. They had to make sure I wasn’t the same person who’s listed in their staff roster. Well, maybe one day I just might be in that roster.
  • Edwin Soriano the athlete – This guy I see when I Google search my name.
  • That’s my name, Edwin Soriano. Middlename Sabolboro. Also known as “ka edong” or simply “edong”

    ka edong
    me, myself and my namesakes


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