Remembering Ninoy Aquino

by Ka Edong on August 18, 2008

I remember playing the role of Marcos when I was in elementary. I was grade 5 during the People Power EDSA Revolution in 1986. I remember Kidlat and Chavi and Christine going to the rallies along session road.

Pilipinas Kong Mahal

I remember three years before that, watching TV, wanting to see what all the fuss was about this guy coming in a plane at the airport. My mom explained that he was Ninoy Aquino and he was a brilliant former-senator of the Philippines. My parents didn’t tell us much about politics back then. I think I learned more about Ninoy and Marcos from Kidlat and Chavi who were often seen at the rallies against Marcos.

I remember watching the news on our small Sony Trinitron TV. It was August 21, 1983.

At one point, people started to cheer on Ninoy Aquino at the entrance of the airport. But it turned out it was Butch Aquino whom they thought was Ninoy.

Then Ninoy’s plane touched down. The next thing we knew, Harry Gasser (the news caster at RPN 9( was stuttering when he announced that gunshots were fired upon the arrival of Ninoy Aquino. And that Ninoy was assassinated.

Ninoy’s death triggered one of the highlights in the history of the Filipino people. When Filipinos were walking side-by-side, without prejudice against the poor, the weak. It was a brilliant time for the Philippines.

Thank you Ninoy, for bringing Filipinos together as one, once upon a time.

I remember playing the role of Marcos. And I was embarrassed. But quite cute in that panama hat. 🙂 .

ka edong
Mabuhay ka, Pinoy!


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