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by Ka Edong on June 26, 2012

The original Techie Lola - featured in Technobiography in July 2004 (8 years ago!)

The original Techie Lola – featured in Technobiography in July 2004 (8 years ago!)

I heard that the health services industry will continue to grow as the age of the world’s population continues to progress with a longer lifespan. I heard that that’s the reason MVP has invested in the health services.

A friend of mine in the US is planning to put up a seniors home (home for the elderly). He mentioned that he was going to use a software for senior facilities that was going to take care of monitoring the facilities’ concerns. It’s interesting because I did’t imagint there was going to be a software as detailed and niche as this one. All the way from Marketing, Clinical concerns, Move-in/out of patients, Billing, Operations, Reports and Accounting. It just tells me how huge the industry seems to be that such a specialized software is there to cater to this niche. It’s interesting coz it looks like it’s designed for use *by* the elderly, with icons big and large.

Hmmmm… I wonder if this is something that Anawim will need eventually. Anawim is a home for the abandoned elderly built-up by Bro Bo Sanchez. I visited it many years ago. They weren’t high tech or anything. I’m just thinking that with the phenomenal growth of the Light of Jesus Family, maybe in the future, we will have the capacity and abundance to host hundreds of abandoned elderly — and that way, perhaps Anawim will need this software to manage all the facilities.

We’ll see. I told my friend in the US that the software looks comprehensive and useful. Perhaps for my friend. Not for me, now. Check back in like 50 years 😉 .

All the best, my friend. Hope the software works for you!

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