Technobiography’s back! No six tuys here

by Ka Edong on September 18, 2006

Last week, Technobiography had a temporary outage. My domain expired (by mistake). And while my domain was out, the usual squatter ads showed up. With ads that would make my lola faint!
Online friend, Jepoy, was quick to call my attention via Google Chat:

3:57 PM Jepoy: ka edski.. expired yung domain mo?
3:58 PM me: honga, eh
  i told abe na
  thanks, ha. ….
 Jepoy: akala ko nagbebenta ka na ng s i x t o o y s =))
 me: mwahahaha!!!! gusto mo?! 😀
 Jepoy: hhahahaha 😛

Anybody else miss me? Anybody? Please? 😀
ka edong
miss ter donut


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