Kitakits sa Sony Expo 2008 sa SMX

by Ka Edong on December 5, 2008

Hey folks, sino ang pupunta sa Sony Expo 2008 sa sabado? Kitakits tayo duon!

I got a copy of the program. Highlights: giving of contest prizes. Sony Vaio and Cybershot up for grabs. KC Concepcion will be there too. Nag-text siya sa akin, sabi niyakita kami dun. hehehe. Details below… Thanks for sending, Jing!

December 6, 2008:
10am – Open Doors to the Public
11:00am – Press/Blogger Conference:  Arrival of Press/Bloggers
11:15am – Lunch is served
12:00pm – Emcees welcome guests to the expo
1:00pm – Sony Expo Booth Highlight with KC Concepcion (Cyber-shot)
1:30pm – I-Spot with My Cyber-shot:  Briefing of Contestants (2-3 groups of 4): 2:00pm – Awarding of Group Winner by KC – Thank you KC (Break Announcement of next activity)
3:15pm – Briefing of Contestants/Booth Highlights (Handycam)
3:30pm – Handycam Christmas Cheer Game! Start of Handycam Game (15mins to create video)
3:45pm – Playback of shot video material
4:00pm – Awarding of Winning Group:  Break/Announcement of Alpha Game
4:15pm – Briefing of Contestants/Booth Highlights (Alpha)
4:30pm – Sony Expo Booth Highlights
4:45pm – Alpha Guessing Game (2-3 groups of 3)
5:00pm – Awarding of Winners/Announcement of band performance
6:00pm – Band Performance
8:00pm – Invitation to tomorrow


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