Trinoma Merry Musical Christmas Lights and Sounds Show 2012 [Video]

by Ka Edong on November 13, 2012

There was a big crowd gathered around the fountain area of Trinoma Plaza (near the North Avenue entrance) as we were having dinner with our friends from Gurong Pahinungod. I realized that Trinoma has a special Christmas Lights and Sounds Show. Here’s a short write-up, a video, some tips and a preview too of the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds show. 😉

Trinoma Merry Musical Christmas Lights and Sounds Show

Trinoma Merry Musical Christmas Lights and Sounds Show

The TriNoma Merry Musical Lights show is free and features familiar christmas songs, mostly instrumental (no lyrics). The Christmas music was lively, with its share of upbeat and sentimental tempo, some foreign Christmas classics as well as xmas songs from the Philippines, from our very own OPM christmas albums.

It also featured some laser lights with some fog-machine effects, things we’ve seen from past lights shows from 2010, 2011. I also enjoyed the visual feast of inflatable cones lighting up to the beat of the music, something unique in this 2012 show. Watching the cones inflate was like watching a suspense movie, hahahaha! You’ll see it in the video. I was imagining a little christmas tree growing from a little seedling. I know that in 2013, 2014, 2015, surely they’ll have more and more new visual treats for our kababayans.

I’m totally excited watching lights shows like these. I think it helps bring the feeling of Christmas. I especially like watching how other people are enthralled with the lights. Warm fuzzy feeling! 😀 .

“Be dazzled by the nightly spectacle of lights and sounds this Christmas season.” – Only from the Ayala Malls.

Here’s a video of the Merry Musical Lights and Sounds Show at Trinoma:


  • Best view, I think, would be at the level of the biggest cone which is where the sound system is. Then you can look up and have a total 360 degree visual and musical experience.
  • The music can get loud — it’s nice for the “kabog” feeling, just make sure to protect your ears.
  • Have dinner at the restaurants near the Plaza area. Instead of waiting idly for the show, or worse: missing the show … you can just step out of the resto when the music starts.
  • Be watchful of your kids and belongings. Keep them safe 😉 .
  • Feel free to “ooooh” and “ahhhh” and clap for maximum interactivity. Express yourself!
  • Note: I also have a video of the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds show. I’ll post an article about it too. Here’s a preview.

Catch the Lights and sounds show at these schedules

  • November 12 – January 6 (Except December 31)
    6PM * 7PM * 8PM * 9PM
  • December 15-23
    7:30PM * 8:30PM *9:30PM * 10:30PM

What other tips do you have for enjoying the lights show? Share your tips on the comments section below.

Enjoy the show!

Ka Edong

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